Problem Sync my Treo650 after installing Franklin Planner

Discussion in 'Treo 650' started by ayman10, Jan 3, 2010.

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    siscool, I apologize for a so delayed reply :eek:
    The bugginess of the FranklinCovey suites applies for the desktop side and/or its conduits, not for the mobile apps; though as you may already be imagining, what's the benefit of fully operational mobile apps... if they don't have a working counterpart in the desktop?

    The people at FranklinCovey have created a whole saga of digital suites intended to get their planning system forward to the digital devices. Sadly, to say it in their own terms, I reckon they lost the Compass a long time ago. Their software is operational in the best of all cases; now, even operational, you discover it doesn't add much to what you can already do with a Palm OS device out-of-the box.

    I only tried briefly the first of the saga: Ascend (mid '90s). In a sentence, just the planner without the paper. An incredible piece of work to give you a non-printed, on-screen, FranklinQuest planner. No automated tasks, no reminders, I mean, it was just the same thing that following the planner. Yet, with no net benefit for using a computer to do it. The FranklinCovey system can turn out into one personal bureaucratic method. The real benefit of carrying it into a digital device is the automation of processes and avoid work duplicity, not just the plain fact of saving paper. Paperwork is paperwork, whether you do it on paper or on a screen.

    Next, I tried FranklinCovey FranklinPlanner for MS Outlook (late '90s). Impressive motivational contents, the biggest memory footprint I have ever seen in an Outlook add-on, and it didn't work. The mobile apps for Palm OS were wretched versions of the Palm OS PIM apps, that would have worked, I reckon, if they would have been properly coded. The bad thing, is that the installation required to replace the use of the Palm OS onboard DBs for another set of DBs, that included several enhanced capabilities (i.e., a Tasks DB that incorporated the columns for the ABC123 priorities). Yet, if you didn't clean your Palm OS device before syncing to the new system of Outlook and FranklinPlanner, the device is easily overflooded and you need to do a hard reset. And, the Tasks app never stopped creating ghost entries.

    EDIT: next, I tried (early in the decade). A good attempt to make an online planner, but it was sadly non-compliant to Outlook or Palm OS devices. You actually had to migrate full platform without interoperability. And, they turned into a paid service, that eventually was discontinued. There is a new online SaaS with the same name, but I understand it's not a revamped version of the first, but a wholly new one.

    Next, I tried FranklinCovey PlanPlus for MS Outlook, versions 4, 5 and 6. Suggestion: don't waste your time like I did. It's just not getting better. The people at FranklinCovey bundle a wretched version of Chapura PocketMirror Standard Edition, and trying to make the rest of your conduits sync (if the PIM apps conduits work, this is), will take you a month or so. The Outlook add-on hogs the computer, it crashes Outlook, and it just won't open all its contained apps, like the Master Projects. V. 6., announced as compliant to Outlook 2007, never opens several views based on html; I guess FranklinCovey never listened that Outlook 2007 doesn't work with MS-IE in the background but with MS Word, that's why it won't ever open them.

    About the FranklinCovey PIM apps:

    The first I tried were those bundled with FranklinPlanner. Modified versions of the Palm OS PIM apps that for one were never updated so it was easy you installed them on a Palm with better PIM apps, and thus you lost some functionality. The intention was good, but they didn't work fine.

    With PlanPlus, FranklinCovey ditched the approach of abandoning all the Palm OS PIM DBs to replace them with yet another set of DBs. Instead, all the Palm OS PIM apps are kept as usual with the exception of the Tasks, that is replaced with an app and DB that enhances the user experience with the famed ABC123 priority system and daily views (however, said FC Tasks app is underfeatured in many other ways). The FranklinCovey apps for Palm OS comprise a Mission app, intended to have a mobile app to define the missions in your life and your mission statement(s); a Goals app, intended to abound in the goals, values and roles of the FranklinCovey advocate; a Project app, that is the mobile mirror to FranklinCovey's Project Plus for MS Outlook (bundled and incorporated in FC PlanPlus for MS Outlook), intended to develop projects from a simple approach and make its due activities spill into the Task List; said Task List; a Compass app, intended to mirror the Compass bookmark from the paper binder version; and a Daily Notes app, intended to replace the Daily Record of Events you used to find in the Daily View of the printed planner.

    The mobile versions, as I said, work fine, but as long as you can't make the desktop side work, they are of little use. I mean, you would be filling up DBs of personal data that are gridlocked to your mobile device, with no chance to elaborate or backup to your computer. That's why, after so much software trial and research, I've fallen back to my own options to cover the FranklinCovey system without their software.

    FranklinCovey has somewhat admitted its own defeat in its own turf. I think so, cause the desktop and the Palm OS platform are kinda their last attempts to create mirrored software versions of their iconic planning system. For the case you got a Windows for Mobile device, the mobile apps bundled to use with, are not FranklinCovey's, but a license of Pocket Informant, which is a very celebrated mobile PIM app by And for Blackberry, I am yet to find out what it is. Besides, FranklinCovey now offers monthly-paid SaaS with online backup and collaboration, called FranklinPlanner Online, or something. I gather these can be wonderful tools, but they are not another version of their planning system.
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    Hal, thank you. This explains a few things I'd noticed in my trial version of Plan Plus. Appreciate it.
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