Problem and solution with soft nav buttons not working on certain games

Discussion in 'Android OS' started by raspabalsa, Feb 8, 2017.

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    Hi all!

    A few days ago my son noticed a strange problem on my LG V10: the on-screen nav buttons (home, back, recent apps) refused to work on Minecraft. The buttons do appear when I swipe from the screen's edge, but pressing them does nothing.

    This makes it very hard to use Minecraft, as it does not have its own back or exit buttons, so there is no way to get back to the main menu, switch worlds, exit to the launcher or switch to another app. Swiping down the notification shade and tapping on the Settings icon there will launch the Settings app, and from there the soft buttons work properly. The usual procedure of uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing cache and data, rebooting, etc., did not fix the problem. Then I found that the problem appeared on several other games (Leo's Fortune, Another World, Defense Zone 3, Machinarium, etc), all of them fullscreen games with somewhat intensive graphics. I had one suspect app: CF.lumen, which modifies the screen's color temperature, placing an overlay on whatever app is running. I uninstalled it and rebooted, and the problem remained. A google search yielded nothing useful or even similar to what I'd seen. Then I checked the services running on my phone (under Settings -> Developer) and decided to shut them one by one. Luckily, I started with what I thought was the least probable app: Kitco Gold Live!, a nice little app that shows live prices for gold, silver, other metals, oil, etc. It has a service running in the background so it can auto update the prices on a user-set interval. I killed the service, tested Minecraft, and was very surprised to see that the soft buttons worked again. I set KGL's prices auto-update to off, but this neither shuts the service nor prevents it from starting again when the app is launched. I don't use 3rd-party app killers, so the only solution was to uninstall KGL. Too bad, but I can still see live metal prices on their website, and the alternative -being unable to play Minecraft properly with my kids- is much worse :D

    I guess a recent upgrade to KGL changed something that caused this problem, but I find it very strange that a bug as specific as the one I found would be caused by a completely unrelated app, and affect only certain games and not every app on my phone. I thought it strange that nowhere on the internet I found a report of this problem (not even on the Minecraft support forums), but then I realized that the typical users of Kitco Gold Live must be serious, busy, hurried people that won't waste time on games :D Still, I thought I would share this problem and solution here in case someone else encounters it.
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