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  1. mejnr

    mejnr Guest

    I can't figure how to get PocketNES to work.

    The instructions say:INSTRUCTIONS
    on your Pocket PC...
    1. Put PocketNES.exe anywhere you like.
    2. Put the gx.dll file in your \Windows directory
    3. Install your NES rom files under the \My Documents
    3. Run PocketNES.exe and open an NES rom using the 'File' menu

    What is a gx.dll file? Where do I get it, and where do I put it?

    Thanks for the assist.

  2. derek

    derek Guest

    gx.dll is in the zip file..

    make sure that your Windows(9x/NT/2000) is not hiding files of type .dll, otherwise you may not see it.
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