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Discussion in 'Carrier Discussions' started by Ashton, Mar 10, 2010.

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    I just wanted to mention this because I keep hearing people talk about how bad Sprint's CS is.

    As some of you noticed before, I bought a used ACE off ebay. Smart me decided to flash it to 6.5 myself and ended up bricking it (to the point at the store their flashing software, made specifically for that phone, couldn't recover it) - a word to the wise, if the program says "Vista or XP" do NOT use Win7!

    They told me that they would have to order me a replacement. With the insurance it didnt cost me anything.

    My ace was replaced with an Intrepid!

    On another occasion I was complaining about bad reception, they sent me an Airave (femtocell) free of charge!

    Maybe I'm a lucky one, but so far I've not seen ANY of the problem people complain about with Sprint CS. (opposed to the constant problems I've had with Verizon's CS -_- every time I call)
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