Phone lock comes up before SIM lock when phone starts...?

Discussion in 'Android OS' started by tbessie, Jan 23, 2015.

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    Hey all...

    Since going back to my Nexus 5 after my Sony Z3 Compact was stolen, I've been getting used to a few things that Lollipop does differently.

    One of them that seems like a bug is, when I first start the phone, the 1st lock screen that appears (I use a PIN lock) is the phone lock screen. I have to let the phone sit for about 30 more seconds before it notices there is a SIM, and then presents the SIM lock screen.

    Also, I am able to unlock the phone at the phone lock screen, and after about 30 seconds of use, the SIM lock screen pops up finally.

    This seems incorrect behavior; shouldn't it notice the SIM right away and show that lock screen first? Anyone else seeing this?

    - Tim
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    I don't use either a SIM card lock and only swipe to unlock, so I'm not much help. Heck, why make it hard for the thieves. :vbwink:
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