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    <P>Screenshots of Opera for PocketPCs</P> <P>The first screenshots of a the new Opera web browser for PocketPCs have been acquired by German-language site PocketCenter.de. The three images, taken on a Loox 720, depict Opera running smoothly in full VGA, with soft-menu keys as used by Windows Mobile 5.0. Presumably, the browser will be enabled for hands-free use on the new OS.</P> <P align=center><IMG height=480 alt="" src="http://www.bargainpda.com/assets/4113.jpg" width=360 border=0></P> <P><A target=_blank href="http://pocketcenter.de/707.html">http://pocketcenter.de/707.html</A></P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>Fossil exiting PDA market</P> <P>Reliable sources inform BargainPDA that watch maker Fossil is giving up on its ill-fated line of PDA watches, and gracefully exiting the market. The company, hamstrung by a lack of exposure, delays in production, and difficulties in their chosen niche,&nbsp;never fully found their footing in the market despite their best efforts. </P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>Opera on Palm hack works for other devices</P> <P>It's an very Operaesqe day. We mentioned last week that a Java-based version of the Opera web browser, intended for J2ME cell phones, could be run on the Treo 650 via a Java environment. Further user testing reveals that the application can be run on other Palm OS devices as well, including the Tungsten T3, LifeDrive, and other models. Opera Mini even supports 320 x 480 mode on high-end Palms. The application does retain some bugs, however, due to it being a Java application rather than native PalmOS. As always before attempting to use any kind of hack, users are encouraged to perform a&nbsp;full backup. </P> <P><A target=_blank href="http://mytreo.net/downloads/details-838.html?Opera_Mini">http://mytreo.net/downloads/details-838.html?Opera_Mini</A></P>
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