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Discussion in 'Palm' started by grantorinosport, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Just got a bluetooth Holux M-1200 GPS unit for the TX.

    I previously had (but did not use much) the RandMcNally setup for my IIIxe. Never had a great deal of luck with it - tempermental, and I think the limiting factor was the software.

    For software I have been looking at a few programs and seem to have found what I think are the best of what is still offered for the TX.

    I purchased the TomTom V5 software. It works well. It makes the TX function like a normal TomTom - you can add different voices and everything. I just purchased TomTom V6 to get the latest software version available.

    The only problem with TomTom is that they do not update the maps for those software packages. They do make updated maps of course, but none that will work for those two packages. Meaning that the latest mapset you can get is 2007 (when the last version of the V6 software was released). As I was driving around Seattle, I realized that just in three years it can create problems for directions - roads have changed, freeway exists altered...

    But, otherwise, the software works nicely.

    PathAway is another I have liked very much. This also works very well with the TX and the Holux M-1200. While I have not used it enough to become a pro, I will say that what I have used so far is impressive.

    What makes PathAway so powerful is the ability to use any map. At first I dreaded the possibility of using custom made maps (the time involved in finding and converting/scaling every darn map). However there is a program made by another software company (freeware) called MapAway. It's sole purpose is to use maps from the internet (google, yahoo, open map source) and convert them into Palm format for PathAway.

    Of course there are infinite options for obtaining maps for PathAway.

    The TX makes a very nice GPS unit!
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