Palm TX lost communications with Desktop

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Palm TX lost communications with Desktop

  1. Windows 10x64 Issue?

  2. ID10T Issue

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    Had Palm Desktop 6.2.2 installed. Running Windows 10 74-bit. Had been working fine since last year. About two weeks ago the HotSync stopped working. Gets stopped in Step 2 of 12 [Datebook]. Repaired the installation Same thing. Did an uninstall and reinstalled it. Same thing.

    Went back and installed Desktop 4.2 and it did the same thing on initial HotSync. Got stuck on Dates for five hours and I ended the process.

    Uninstalled 4.2 and reinstalled 6.2.2. I have a Desktop but it does not have any files. It still got stuck on Step 2 of 12 during HotSync.

    I cannot even restore the files from the last backup. I have all backup files, actually in three locations.


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