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    (Not completely sure I put this in the correct forum. Sorry if it needs to be elsewhere, perhaps someone can move it if need be.)

    I finally got a smartphone and am getting ready (reluctantly) to retire my Palm T|X.

    I *love* the tasks app on my T|X. The tasks are not date driven, meaning if I have a task with a due date of 4/1 but I don't check it off on 4/1, it stays on my list until I do check it off. (Because I don't always get all of Monday's tasks completed on Monday.)

    So now I'm looking for a task app for Android that will allow me the same flexibility.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks for your help!
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    I use Calengoo for my calendar and task work. It syncs with Google calendar and task. It's not as good as Palm OS - but of everything I have tried I like it best.

    Word of caution - if you get it just have it sync with Google and not Android (your phone's calendar) that way you won't get any duplicate calendar entries. We can give you more info if you choose to go that way.

    Good luck....

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