Palm T|X --> iPhone WITH PalmDesktop...? possible?

Discussion in 'Sync (Mac and Linux/Palm OS)' started by gulmatan, Nov 20, 2009.

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    Linky to DateBk6.

    CESD has said that he's been concentrating on Pimlical heavily while the other versions of OS work themselves out in terms of volume of users. Also, this, from the Yahoo Group last year:
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    Ok it has been a year since I use Mark's MissingSync so bare with me a little here. I am not as young as I once was!:p :eek:

    If you are running 10.4 Tiger on your Mac, I do not think that you can get "Tasks" into iCal. They only added that in Lepord, I think. Now I never used PD. I always had MissingSync (MS) sync all of my Calender and Contacts with iCal and AddressBook. If memory serves MS would "backup" my "Tasks" and "Memos" but not really put them in a program on my Desktop.

    Within MS there is a tab called "Conduits". This is where you select where whatever information you wish to sync goes. You just check the boxes.

    I am unsure how to get your info from PD to iCal through MS, but I know that you can do this. Sync your TX one last time with PD. Backup with BackBuddy or whatever. Then set MS to sync TX with iCal and AddressBook. (Again check the boxes under Conduits) That should put all of the lastest PD info within iCal. I know that will work because I did that with my T5 and 755P. You may have to check a box like"Hanheld Overwrites Computer" I am not sure.

    Now to be clear. This will put your Calender, Contacts, Music, & Pictures all on your Mac. What it will not put on your Mac is Tasks and Memos. At least I never found a way to do that. Tasks for me was no big deal because they were changing daily. Memos sucked!! I still have a bunch of Memos on my T5 that I need to get to my iPhone. The only way I have found to move Memos over is Manually.:( OH!! If you use Entourage that might help in getting some Memos over not sure.:confused:

    Do read DragonHunter's Great Adventure thread in post #2.:D I am sure that will help also.

    REMINDER: Changing platforms is never easy or painless! You will find some of the same challenges switching to M$ devices as you do the iPhone or any other platform. You will have to make some sacrifices no matter what platform you choose, but IMVHO you will gain sooooo much more! For my particular needs, I was able to replace ALL of my PalmOS Apps, there were a lot of them, will equal or better apps from the App Store. Now these new apps did things differently and I had to adjust the way I did things but in the end things are much, much better with my iPhone than my 755P.

    If you are a Mac user, IMVHO there is only one logical choice in a new device.;) The sync between the iPhone/iPod Touch and your Mac is the easiest thing that you will ever do! In the words of one of the Great philosophers of owe time..."...they go together like peas and carrots!":D :D
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    Brickman, thanks so much for the time and insight on your post!! I am very pleased with how easy your explanation makes the transition easier. Although, with Memos, an easy fix is to create each as a separate Word doc since DxTG is in the AppStore.

    Yes, I agree the iTunes App Store alternatives are far more robust and surpass expectations. As of now, even though the consensus is that DateBk has never been surpassed for the iPhone alternative, I will adhere to my T|X/MissingSync/PalmDesktop.

    Since iCal will someday be my desktop platform, is it possible that I could activate BOTH the Palm PIM and iCal conduits in MissingSync. This way, while still being in PalmDesktop world, I can see how much and how cleanly my Palm PIM/PalmDesktop stuff carries over to iCal? Or is it one or the other and not both?

    ***WHOA! What am I saying? iCal?! What am I thinking?!?! Since PimliCal will be cross-platform and I do find DateBk6 far excellent, I will just wait until CESD has a release of PimliCal for Mac-OS/X. That way I can have the best of the Palm DateBk world.
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    People keep mentioning how great Datebook is . Can someone summarize what features are so great/powerful? I know I can probably get a trial; but I'm not big on that. And the screen shots look very dense and complicated. Maybe in practice, they work well.
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