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Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Ed Hardy, Jun 5, 2009.

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    My first experiance with the Palm Pre was not a good one.

    I found the battery life non existant.
    I found the responsiveness of the applications to be very slow.
    I found that the device was getting very hot.

    I did find the issue that was eating the battery very fast and causing the heat the app was the AP News program. However, battery life is still not what I would expect.

    Many of the suggestions for extending battery life are nuts. Like turning the phone into airplane mode. Why would you do this? Why have a phone then let alone a smart phone.

    We should all expect some problems being the first on a new phone platform. However, some QA work should have been done.

    Dont get me wrong, I am happy with the phone, I just dont think it has a chance to compete with Apple. Palm Missed the boat.
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    Even though this thread has grown a bit old, I dare to place an update. As far as it goes, the Pre will not arrive to Latin America before mid-2010, and the announced carrier to do so is movistar, one of the cellphone brands in front of the Spanish comms holding Telefónica Móviles. However, I found this news around, and while it's already a month old, I deem it's relevant, at least as it is a gossip strong enough so that Engadget pays attention. This is not backed up by any formality, like an announcement, so just take it for what it is. There is a strong mention that the selected carrier to sell the Pre in Mexico will not be movistar, but Telcel (the Mexican branch of America Móvil). And there is a rather curious mention about a storage expansion slot. OK, as my carrier is movistar, I do not like the possibility (switch the "o" for an "i") that it's Telcel who's got the exclusive, but I certainly like the possibility that there's a Pre version with expansion slot.

    Unlikely, I admit, but I dare to place a reflection about it. For one, movistar México is not 3G capable with cellphones; all it currently offers is GPRS and a side market of 3G USB dongles, and it is a costly and flaky connection. Telcel does have 3G, and BTW those are the single GSM carriers in Mexico. Iusacell has CDMA/EVDO; no announcement about a Pre release. So, regarding the 3G capability through GSM, Telcel and not movistar is the one ready to offer suitable connection to the Pre. If movistar is actually going to offer the Pre here, it'll have to offer 3G under HSDPA standard, as already announced and discussed. My assertion: unlikely in the immediate future. Then, how about a Pre with an expansion slot in order to compensate the network inability to offer luring contents like music. In a roundup, a typical Pre would fly straight into Telcel (good 3G), but a expansion-slot Pre would go into movistar (no 3G).
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