Palm m125 vs sony peg sl10

Discussion in 'm100 series' started by Dennis1959, Jun 28, 2017.

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    I am wanting an older PDA that runs on aaa batteries, I am not interested in any lion battery types.

    The Palm m125 can take a sd card up 1 GB but has a 160 x 160 screen res.

    The Sony SL10 has a 320 x 320 screen but is limited to a 128 MB sd card.

    my vision is not very good anymore although I do wear glasses.

    maybe it will help if I tell you what I want it for, a portable electronic bible, but I want a software bible that I can use a search function as I do with E-sword and others. I am not looking for just a reader.

    these are the two choices I seem to have right now unless anyone knows of some others? the aaa battery is what I want as a feature, I can carry two extra batteries or more all day long, so a quick swap if needed is what I want.

    I have already downloaded some palm Bible software.
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    Welcome to Brighthand, Dennis1959

    I find it quite difficult to recommend either device as a reader, since both are quite ancient and obsolete. In any case, you may want to consider the following:

    - The Sony PEG SL 10 does not use SD cards. It uses Memory Sticks. It's an altogether different standard, both in electrical and physical specifications. A Memory Stick won't fit a slot for a SD card, and the opposite is also true. If you decide to get the SL 10 you may want to have a Memory Stick reader available to help you transfer files.

    - The higher resolution is much better for reading. I've used 160x160 screens and fonts look too jagged for my taste. I wear glasses but my near vision is quite good, and a 320x320 screen looks way better when the device's screen is held at reading distance.

    - Both devices have a green, reversed backlight. This means that with the backlight off the text looks black over a gray/greenish background. But once you turn the backlight on, the text looks bright green, over a black background. This actually is like looking at a photo negative. However, there are programs to reverse the backlight, making the image look positive, though it will still be black over bright green. I don't remember this setup being comfortable for reading at night (I used a Palm Vx many years ago with the same backlight setup).

    - While it's true that the AAA-powered PDAs have endurances measured in weeks or months rather than hours, be aware that these devices also suffered from a specific problem: the backup capacitor used to keep the memory intact while swapping batteries often fails, meaning that removing the AAA batteries instantly erases the memory, including the reading app and any books you have stored. You'd be forced to reinstall or restore your programs and data every time you replace the batteries.

    - Sync/transfer software is really old, and you may run into problems running it on newer computers. This could make it very hard to install programs and transfer data. There are workarounds involving using the SD card to install data, but it does require some extra work and trial and error.

    Honestly, I think a tablet would be a much better option for your needs. A lower-end, 7" tablet with SD slot will have a larger screen, much more internal memory, compatible with SD cards much larger than 1GB, and good battery life. If you want a pocketable device, any 4" or smaller phone without a SIMcard can do a much better job as a reader. You could look for a phone with SD card and removable battery, that way you can keep a spare battery charged. You'd also have the advantage of compatibility with chargers, as most phones use either micro USB or USB-C chargers. I think a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini could work very well as a reader.
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    I would agree.

    Also, if you're just looking to read on it, you could buy a very simple Kindle (or even knockoff ebook reader if you have plain format bibles) and get better battery life and a significant upgrade in screen resolution.

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