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Discussion in 'General Palm OS' started by theelf, Aug 1, 2021.

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    Hi! greetings, my name is Cristian, from Spain, sorry my english

    Im a long time Palm user, I had/use a Tungsten T until 2015. Recently i realize i miss a pda, i dont like much to use my android phone for this stuff

    I buy a Lifedrive, and is a very nice machine, first time for me to have a widescreen 320x480 pda

    One of the first things i realize i dont like at all, is the graffity area/keyboard pop in/out ALL THE TIME i open a application, it is so annoying

    ANY way to stop this? if i need keyboard i can open by myself

    really, is so annoying that im thinking to buy a tungsten T if is not possible to disable

    Thanks a lot for help
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    Hi, Theelf, and welcome to Brighthand.

    If you go to the home screen (not the favorites screen) you should see on the tool bar at the bottom of the screen, at the far right, a button with an arrow on it. Tap that to lower or raise your keyboard. Some programs may pop the keyboard if they are expecting input. If this doesn't work and you are getting random pop-ups, it could be you have some app that is making the Lifedrive misbehave. If you have no clue as to what app, you may need to do a hard reset and add back your apps one at a time, testing after each.

    And your English is far better than my Spanish, so don't worry. ;-)
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    I still actually use my LifeDrive and if I understand you, the keyboard/Graffiti area slides up and down without being asked to. I'm not sure when it actually happens to you, but I know when switching from one app to another, the keyboard will slide down and up by itself, but usually returns to the orientation you originally had (as Hook noted). If it's just randomly doing it, something might be under the screen edges which is being pressed down when you hold the LifeDrive, activating the touch-sensitive area that activates the keyboard. Be careful cleaning this out, because I had done it many times until the last time, which deactivated the screen to the point that I had to wedge a bit of card stock in the corner to make it work. My digitizer also has something of a dead area, which it had from the time I got it, but has grown some. I've been putting off getting the screen and digitizer replaced because I actually use it for some stuff I've been too lazy to transfer to newer platforms.
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    I'm actually going back to using a PDA more (never stopped but did focus more on phones in the last few years). Phones frankly bore me for some reason, and there is something about the Palm PDA that works better for my brain :).
    Chris short is a great guy to go to, for the digitizer/screen replacement.

    Oh and Palms are getting so retro/vintage that they can bewilder people. Like if I take out my m125 and slide in the SD card camera to take pictures in public, people look at you like WTF is that??
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