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    Turned on my computer (Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with XP SP3) and tried to open Palm Desktop. A message, "ERROR: Failed to open Date Book database." appeared. I am completely unable to access my data. Desktop s/w is 3.5. Both the computer and the Palm Desktop were working normally when I shutdown the computer the night before this problem appeared.

    I contacted a company that has previously performed computer repairs for me. They said they could fix it remotely. They made a copy of Palm something on the desktop then said they uninstalled Palm Desktop, had me insert the installation disk and said they reinstalled Palm. The problem persisted. The tech said there was nothing more he could do. It was at this point I learned the business had recently been sold and all the original staff replaced.

    In the top right corner USER field there are three options: Paul, Paul B, and Paul S. B.

    Paul is a result of the tech's recent attempt to fix the problem. DATE, ADDRESS, etc. are completely blank. Paul B was the active username until another problem 2+ years ago. There is 2+ year old DATE book data from that earlier problem but no ADDRESS, TO DO, or MEMO data.

    User Paul S. B. is (or was) where my needed data is but I can't access it. Selecting DATE, ADDRESS, TO DO, or MEMO all trigger the same error message about the date book database.

    Looking at C:\Palm\SP I see address and datebook files (DAT file) that say they were modified on the date I last made changes to those files. I do not know what the "SP" stands for or means. I think the "SP" was created 2+ years ago when the computer was last serviced.

    Any ideas about how I might recover the data? Suggestions?

    Thank you for your help.


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