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    Due to recent concerns over the use of Brighthand's Buy/Sell/Trade forum as an eBay substitute, and to reduce the risk of scams and deadbeat sellers, we have updated BST forum use policies.

    This forum is for the convenience of Brighthand community members. As such, members must have at least 20 posts before creating a thread in BST. If a member under this threshold lists an item here or lists a want to buy / trade post here, the posting will be removed and the member notified why. Repeated offenses will be treated as spamming. The use of "filler posts" to reach the minimum level is also strongly frowned upon.

    As before, Brighthand and the moderator team reserve the right to alter or remove postings as we see fit. The fact that an item is posted here should not be taken as an endorsement of the item or the seller by Brighthand. Both buyers and sellers are encouraged to use common sense when making deals online, and whenever possible to use online feedback profiles like eBay and Heatware to insure that they're dealing with legitimate participants. While we do everything we can to suppress fraud, Brighthand isn't eBay, and we cannot guarantee transactions.

    If you believe that you've been defrauded, or that an item listed on BST isn't on the level, please contact one of the Brighthand moderators, either by a private message or the use of the "Report Post" button. All reports are investigated.

    With common sense and reasonable caution, you should have no problem avoiding any pitfalls in your transactions here. Good luck, and have fun.

    BST Forum and eBay

    Brighthand provides the Buy, Sell, and Trade Forum for forum members to buy, sell, and trade, PDA and Smartphone related items, among fellow members. If you choose to use another venue to sell your items, such as eBay or another website, please do not post advertisements on the Brighthand Forums re-directing people to these sales.

    If you have a eBay reputation and wish to include it in an actual Brighthand listing, please share, without a redirect, it may assist your cause.

    You can expect new postings of this type to be removed or edited without notice.
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