New LG G4 32GB Unlocked Smartphone for $150

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by scjjtt, Jul 26, 2017.

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    I month or so ago I got a refurbished G4 as a backup for $99 on Ebay that became Mrs scjjtt's phone & I'll use her S4 as a backup for us.

    It is a really nice phone. I actually like how it feels in your hand, with the slight curve, much better than my LG v10. The camera is the same (which is great) as the v10. My v10 has 64GB on board with 4GB of memory & the G4 has 32GB with 2GB of memory.

    Last week it was announced that the G4 will be getting Android 7.0 Nougat in Q3 according to LG.

    P.S. If you get the phone - get the black leather back. The brown leather isn't as nice looking as it is in the pictures. If you really want the brown - I'll send you ours - Mrs scjjtt could not stand it & I had to order a black one.

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