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    Supposedly there can be a slow down as the OS indexes everything. Who knows if that's true but I'm glad it is more responsive now.

    FWIW, I have an 8+, I went from a 6S to the 8+ and the difference was immediate. To be fair, I also bought the 256gb model so it might just be that with all that extra space, the OS could bloat to its hearts content and not have an issue.

    I wish to hell I could go back to Android but it's either rock an iPhone with work email or pay for a separate iPhone with work email...and that's just dumb, so back on the iPhone I find myself.
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    My wife had little choice. She was offered the 8+ 64GB or the Google Pixel. For the price of free for the phone, and the plan... you take what you can get.

    Oddly, Google Maps location sharing is not working. Thought that was an account setting, not a per device setting. She departed for her travels, and is quite anxious that I cannot see where she is. I've got no way to troubleshoot her device at the moment.

    She's lost over 100 contacts. Not in her iCloud. Can't export them from the walled garden that is her iPhone 6 so far. I'm beyond irritated.

    Next time she is going to get a phone, I will be sure to be there to do the setup for her, and get her into Android. I'm done with this nonsense.

    It should not be this hard.
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