need parts for palm V

Discussion in 'Palm' started by nork, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I havent posted here for a long time.

    Someone gave me a Palm 5, just the pda and nothing else.
    I am wondering what i need to get this unit operational and if i can get what i need here cheap?

    It looks to me like a non-color screen on this unit.

    If i cant get what i need to get it up and running i guess i will try and sell it here if its worth anything.

    Thank You
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    Welcome back to Brighthand, nork. :)

    I've relocated your thread out of the B/S/T forum because you do not qualify to post there. Your thread is now located in the device specific forum. Hopefully someone will have some ideas for you. That device is very old and I'd guess that there are not many still in service anymore.

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