Need Help with Palm Desktop/Date Book/Calendar

Discussion in 'General Palm OS' started by lenicor51, Jan 18, 2017.

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    I do have a question though. I've been trying to track information regarding an old program from Palm. Switching to a new computer, I've had the same difficulty as others, trying to get my data (date book/calendar, memos, etc.) to open in the correct place on a new computer. I first downloaded the palm desktop 6.2 but that was missing the primary folder Date Book which is why I'm trying to find a solution. Then I uninstalled 6.2 and downloaded 4.1.4 which includes the date book and rest of the folders but... I've tried repeatedly to move the data (as instructed with the .dat files and named file) into a folder in my C drive where palm installed. I've tried repeatedly with all kinds of new names, etc. But I continue to open the Palm Desktop (no syncing anymore, the palm device died a long time ago as did the hot sync cable-no longer matches the connections on my new desktop computer, anyway, nothing I try works.. I really need to find a solution to open my date book. I've used it for many years. The most important information is in that date book from the last two years since my mom passed away a few months ago, and memories of her are on those dates. If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate any advice. If I can't find this page again, please email me at lenicor51_at_yahoo_dot_com.
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    If you're the guy I met at Best Buy, I'm the guy who recommended Brighthand. I was a bit off in the forums I wrote down for you. Most of the important stuff is in the Palm TX forum here:

    The first two threads are the most relevant. The first to install the correct desktop and drivers, the second for some of the files and important tips.

    Good luck.
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