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    Yes! I'm not proficient at it. Years ago I signed up for a Google number & was going to use that number, through Voice, to handle my church (business) texts & calls. I can't remember all the reasons why but it wasn't totally working for me - I think texts with images didn't come through. I communicated to all to use my T-Mobile # for everything. But I can still text from Voice but it comes through as my Google #.

    At night I plug in my LG v10 (yes, I am doing that at night so I have a full battery in the mornings & my other batteries, if used up, are charged up in the chargers - but I turn on my Samsung S4 at the bed to read & occasionally text from to family members with my Google #. I do have my Google # set up to also forward calls or texts to my main # - so I can respond from my LG v10.

    Things may be better today using a Google # or Voice - I just haven't kept up with it.

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    For now I'm using this.

    Thank again for all the suggestions.
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