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Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Adama D. Brown, Dec 14, 2010.

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    <p>The Motorola Droid Pro&nbsp;is a model that runs Google's Android OS but has a design reminiscent of BlackBerrys.</p> <p>It is one of a recent group of smartphones from Verizon Wireless catering to a more business-oriented market than their predecessors, sporting the ability to work overseas.</p> <p>It has&nbsp;a contract-free price tag of $480, dropping to $180 with a two-year service contract, though other retailers may offer it for even less.</p>

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    I do like the fact that a portrait-oriented machine with a hardware keyboard is now available with a decently-sized screen.

    And I like the "packing peanuts' jab as well.
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    The longer you look at this device, the more you want it over any other Android phone in Verizon.
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