Microsoft exposes Adrozek, malware that hijacks Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

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    Microsoft says that at its peak, Adrozek had controlled more than 30,000 devices a day.


    Microsoft has raised the alarm today about a new malware strain that infects users' devices and then proceeds to modify browsers and their settings in order to inject ads into search results pages.

    Named Adrozek, the malware has been active since at least May 2020 and reached its absolute peak in August this year when it controlled more than 30,000 browsers each day.

    But in a report today, the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team believes the number of infected users is much, much higher. Microsoft researchers said that between May and September 2020, they observed "hundreds of thousands" of Adrozek detections all over the globe.

    Based on internal telemetry, the highest concentration of victims appears to be located in Europe, followed by South and Southeast Asia.

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    This increasing behavior really leads me to want to use a Live-DVD / Live-CD OS, where once I reboot, it's fresh, like Knoppix. You can't store a persistent attack against that system unless you breach the firmware, or the network components. It has been years since I've played with one of these, but it sure does give me good pause to think about it again.

    I've got network level attack filtering enabled on my home network now, and use what I think is best personally for locking my browsers down. But you never know when something will get through. Nothing is 100%.

    This also has me circling back yet again to why people want apps in browsers. Gain malicious control of a browser, and you gain control of their 'apps' and so much more. That part has me running in circles. I'm dizzy!

    I count my blessings that so far, I've not fallen victim. Each day the battle resumes...
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