McAfee Security vs. Norton Internet Security. Which is better? Others?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ultimate_pda, Apr 11, 2004.

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    I like all of fil's recommendations and submit two "maybe" changes.

    I'm not familiar with Trendmicro PC-cillin for A/V but I do know McAfee. .Its stability has improved in two years and I've been happy with its performance. However, it doesn't seem to find the bad email attachments as quickly as Norton. It will "get em" on the scheduled scan but not always on the day to day - in the background protection mode.

    I also use Tiny Personal Firewall. I've been a user of version 2.1 for a long time and prefer its simplicity compared to version 4.x. But it doesn't block everything as well as version 4.x

    Version 4.x is buggy. The latest download has fixed many of the annoying problems but there are still program combinations that it "locks out" with no apparent way to enable the transaction. For example, my Activesync via the network, doesn't synchronize the email, contacts, and tasks but it will synchronize my files. Version 4.x shows promise but for now, its headaches.

    The thing that I might change in fil's recommendations is this. I think that it is important to use both a hardware firewall and a software firewall. The home gateways mascarading as firewalls do not provide sufficient protection in my humble opinion. Not enough granularity to permit a legitimate access while screening the vast number of unknowns.
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