Matrix PowerWatch: Never ever ever plug in, powered by body heat.

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    Something like this, but perhaps with eink, a la gligo, would be pretty cool. I've really been surprised there are so few eink screens in stuff like this. I kind of figure it might be a thickness issue (since amoled is so popular and thinness is one of it's big selling points), but this thing is already a tank, what's another couple of millimeters? Maybe it's cost. But I remember watches with this type of LCD, and how annoying they can be to read in low light indoors. I think eink contrast would help.

    Still, if I were buying today (I'm not), this might be the only smartish watch I'd consider. I've got more than enough batteries and chargers to keep track of. Indeed, the most annoying thing about the tiny display-less fitbit flex tracker I use now (only while exercising, I don't wear it all the time), it's remembering to charge it, even though I only have to do that once a week or so. When I'm done exercising, the only thing I want to think about is where I can collapse and await the sweet release of death.

    P.S. This model is on sale at IGG at the time of this post for $140, and there is another newer, more expensive model called the powerwatch x with super limited notification support and maybe a few other perks.
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