Looking for the Garnet VM Compatibility Kit, (Linux) Emulator or "sdk.tgz"

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    I've recently been playing around with POSE, the (classic) Palm OS Emulator. Provided you hit the correct jackpot (*glances at PM icon* :cool:) and find the necessary resources :)p) it lets you run Palm OS reasonably well, although I've found certain things, like the Handera 330 ROM's audio record mode, can cause it to apparently hang. (I say "apparently" because it locks up all of X11 (I'm on Linux) and I have to drop to a tty to kill it and get mai graphix back :p and IIRC other things have done that too. But I digress.)

    The one thing that's boring about POSE is that only runs Palm OS up to version 4.x, the last version which ran on the MC68VZ328 68000-based CPU. It's useful for debugging, seeing just how weird Palm OS 1.0 looks and playing around with ROMs from various devices - my favourite is my color copy of Palm OS 4 - but... I really want to run Palm OS 5 on my Linux box. That would just be that bit more awesome.

    Palm OS Simulators are specialized builds of Palm OS compiled into a bunch of Windows .dll files. If you have such a Simulator, you can run Palm OS 5 natively as an x86 Windows application. (This is not an uncommon way of doing things; everything from the iPhone to my ancient Ericsson MC218 use this idea in their SDKs).

    If you have a look in the release folder of your Simulator(s), you'll notice a file called "Emul68k.dll". This file is what allows 68000-targeted Palm OS applications to execute inside Palm OS 5 on your PC. Being platform-targeted, this emulation engine is much more stable than POSE, which instead pretends to be a real Palm device as much as possible, a method I've found to be a little unstable at times (although unbeatable for low-level debugging). I refuse to give in and attempt to run a simulator through WINE, however. (I don't even know if it won't work, I refuse to use it that much. :p)

    So, no go for me? Possibly not...! :D

    I recently discovered that ACCESS Co. Ltd. bought PalmSource (and thus Palm OS) several years ago and spun it into their own system, the ACCESS Linux Platform. Unfortunately not much came of this buyout (at least not that I can see anyway - it seems to have been a giant disaster) but they do seem to have produced a few interesting looking things in the process of dying. :p

    I first learned that they created a Linux-based overlay for the Nokia N810 which lets it run Palm OS 5 natively - and this fascinating little N810 app (naturally) includes a copy of Emul68k.so (Linux's equivalent of a .dll)! It's ARM-targeted, though, and written for the N810's Maemo UI, so won't work on my x86 Linux PC running stock X11. :p

    Doing some more research, however, I discovered whisperings of a "Garnet VM Compatibility Kit" SDK, along with chatter about a very ambiguously named file entitiled "sdk.tgz", which apparently contains an unidentified number of however many unidentified versions of the SDK. From what I've been able to cobble together, several different versions of this "compatibility kit" were released, one for Windows which incorporated some kind of emulation stack and ran a Linux kernel and the SDK under that (yes, an emulator to run a Linux kernel, then a 68k emulator inside that...); and they also released a slightly saner Linux version which runs the various SDK tools directly on the host (ie x86) Linux kernel! This is the bunch of stuff hiding inside sdk.tgz

    Translation of the above: x86 version of Emul68k.so. Further translation: the only Linux/x86 Palm OS 5 "simulator" ever released. Yet further translation: I can run Palm OS 5 on my Linux box :D (after much fiddling)!!1

    Sadly, however, sdk.tgz does not exist anywhere online (at least publicly). Not hiding anywhere in archive.org, not dropped into cloud hosting, not findable by Google. All I've been able to find of it are a few cool-looking screenshots (the Palm OS bits at least look particularly awesome), and some package information. The file's apparently 287MB in size so this might be one reason why.

    So, to sum up, I'm looking for, in the following order of priority:
    • The x86 Linux version of the Garnet VM emulator; this is what I'll ultimately use
    • The full Garnet VM compatibility kit, aka "sdk.tgz"
    • Anything else ACCESS Co. Ltd. ever released that was vaguely Linux- and Palm OS-related (and perhaps whatever else they had up at one point or another; they sounded like an interesting company :p) - thanks to their download system being account-based, archive.org and other crawlers never saw any file URLs.

    Thanks very much for reading this, and thanks in advance for any replies!! :)

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