Looking for a good value 10 inch Android Table

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    Echo Hook here; I bought Planmaker for one specific use (I'd written a macro to underline the current date in a calendar -- today's date -- and nothing else available on android at the time worked). I had no problems going back and forth, between the phone and laptop. Sadly, I no longer need that macro for the purpose it was written…And fwiw, while I didn't see a way to convince a sheet in Planmaker to apply the sort/filter, transferring an Excel™ sheet that already included the sort/filter into Planmaker worked as expected.
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    My new B.T. Keyboard with a touchpad came in today. It is very solid & well made. The touchpad works perfectly. I tethered to my office computer from my Tablet put my finger on the touchpad & it was just as if I was sitting in front of my office computer.

    I'm really glad I got this product. I don't need to use a mouse that often so I choose this unit that has the touchpad to the side rather than in the middle. I had read reviews of other B.T. keyboards that have the touchpad in the middle & some of the people had problems with the touchpad recognizing movements as they typed causing the pointer to move to a different place on the document & what they were typing move to a wrong line.

    Here are a couple of pics...


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    Wow, that folding keyboard with touchpad is awesome.
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    When I just recently convinced my CIO wife to spend a little money on tech for herself for a change and get a really high end Dell XPS laptop, dock, & gigantic monitor, we didn't go with the Dell recommended Logitech keypad and mouse for the dock because it got really bad ratings. So to Amazon I went to find the best rated keyboard and mouse and guess what? It was the Jelly Comb brand. And I didn't just take Amazon's word for it -- a Google search revealed the same really high ratings. You know they have to be good to overcome that bad choice in brand names!

    I really like the looks of that foldable one! Great find!

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