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    Hi - Might seem a dumb question, but I'm looking at a Xperia E - which is advertised as "Sony Xperia E Dual" - on Ebay - but the Model No' is C1505 - Which as far as I can see from some Googling is only the Single Sim version of the Xperia E.

    I know that there are both Single and Dual sim versions of the Xperia E, but if anyone can definitely let me know whether the C1505 is actually a Dual sim version, I'd be really grateful.

    I've scoured the Sony site and forums - no real definitive answer, and the forums are "Read Only" for the next 2 weeks - 'cos they're shifting to a new site or something.

    Bascially I want a Dual Sim smartphone - pref' both active at the same time, with a 3.5 to 4, maybe 4.3" screen - never had a Sony before, was really looking at the Samsung Galaxy Core - but it's about twice the price, so the Xperia Dual caught my eye.

    I'm UK user so alot of the Dual Sims from China and the States are not really feasible - & I've read warnings about some of the Chinese imports.

    Any advice welcome

    Thanks alot

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