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Discussion in 'General Palm OS' started by frenchie, Oct 28, 2016.

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    Seeing the posts here from this once mighty sub forum breaks my heart.
    I wanted to pass along a website that has an active archive of Palm OS freeware. I hope this helps any retro Palm users out there.

    1. Go to google and type in <moderated>
    2. Hit first result
    3. Register an account on the site
    4. Scroll till you see "Archive"
    5. Click on Palm OS
    6. Geek out at memory of the good 'ol days.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info, frenchie! Sadly I don't have any (working) Palm hardware any more so I'm reluctant to create yet another login to add to my collection of hundreds of logins just to browse around. I'm sure there are some here who will soon enough...
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    Sorry, there is a reason the forum you suggested is not open to the public. Back in the day that site was THE place to go to pirate and crack software. Though the glory days of Palm are well behind us, we cannot condone the sharing of codes or cracked software here. I have moderated your post to remove pertinent information. Thank you.

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