Kyocera Rise and Hydro Hands-On Previews Discussion

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Ed Hardy, May 9, 2012.

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    It's my experience that Kyocera has always made good quality phones, but they've always had a knack for under-speccing their phones in a way that makes them less than competitive. It seems that streak isn't broken here. Both the Rise and the Hydro seem like they should be competitive, but Kyocera stuck them with really bad screens. There's a lot of specs one could overlook, but the screen is by far the most important one in a smartphone, at least to my thinking.
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    My first personal phone was a Kyocera candy bar phone on Virgin Mobile. It was "yer basic phone" with very few extras, like the LED flashlight function, which was much more useful than you might imagine. As a phone, it worked very well indeed but the casing looked like model airplane plastic. I assume that Kyocera has chosen quantity over quality.

    A high-res screen is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Even with my Galaxy, it strains my eyes to look at the type on some sights, particularly those not formatted for mobile. I even have trouble reading this site.

    Like I said in the other discussion, I think these types of cheaper smartphones are going to be the new "free phones" for postpaid subscribers, the type who take whatever the carrier is giving away when they re-up their contract.

    Also, I've noted that postpaid contracts are down generally and prepaid is going up just about everywhere. One industry source says that this is natural since everybody who can afford postpaid already has it. If phone and data service is becoming more affordable in this way, it makes sense to offer budget buyers devices that are within their reach.
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