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Discussion in 'iPAQ h3100 series' started by aurum78, Nov 25, 2004.

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    I recently purchased a Saitek IR Wireless folding keyboard for my 3150 (it was the cheapest IR available, probably a wrong move, but can't undo it now).

    Anyway, the box only lists compatibility w/ 36xx etc., but I figured it should be compatible with 31xx as well since they're basically the same sans the color screen and some memory.

    Turns out, whenever I press a key it turns on the backlight. I've found a few cases on the internet (and on this forum, actually) where this has happened with a SnapNType micro-keyboard made by TT Tech. They seem to have acknowledged this glitch w/ the 31xx series, however, Saitek hasn't (because they haven't tested it / listed compatibility).

    So, this leaves me with three options - either do all my word-processing in the dark, find a utility that can totally disable software control of the backlight (perhaps some registry hack?), or get a different keyboard.

    Obviously, the first option isn't viable. I'm hoping I won't have to get another keyboard - so does anyone know of a fix for this? Perahps some hack to disable the backlight? A programmer who could make it?

    Thanks a bunch,

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