iTunes cant burn playlist as some are not MP3's, what can I do?

Discussion in 'iOS / iPhone' started by kuddus, Jan 24, 2014.

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    I have a playlist with 250 songs on, I recently tried to burn as mp3 cd the playlist but says 150 of these are not in mp3 format.

    Can there be an easy way to produce them all mp3's thanks?
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    I need a little more information. Did you buy the music from Apple or did you buy it elsewhere and import it to iTunes?

    I have run into all sorts of minor but still annoying issues trying to manage my stuff in iTunes and for that reason I insist on buying all my music as mp3s on Amazon or as CDs from Amazon with autorip. If I decide to include them in iTunes, I import them but I always always always have the ability to burn my own mp3 cd's, dvd's or memory sticks because all my stuff started out as mp3. There are only 3 tracks in my music library that were bought back in the dark days when Apple put DRM on everyting and those were pretty much the last media content I purchased from Apple.

    There is one glimmer of hope. If you are burning a digital music CD for playback in a car, a LOT of cars know how to play Apple's music files. You simply dump the files on the cd and all that are non-DRM will play on most car stereos and dvd/bluray players that know how to play "mp3" files.

    So here is what I would do. I would simply export everything to a folder, then use the operating system to burn everything to a cd, dvd, memory stick or whatever. Just remember you are making a "data" disk and not a music disk. The difference is pretty obvious because you can only fit about 20 songs on a music disk but you can fit hundreds on a data disk depending on file format and bit rate. In the car, I prefer 128 kbps bit rate because it yields smaller files and sounds "good enough" in the noisy environment of a car. I do use iTunes to rip CD's on my Mac but I changed the default file format to mp3 and the bit rate to 256. I sometimes create lower bitrate files if I'm sending the music to my car as I only have 10 GB of music storage in my car.
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