iSync and Hotsync: Palm to new MacBook Pro--I've done everything and it won't connect!

Discussion in 'Sync (Mac and Linux/Palm OS)' started by kcs9261, May 4, 2007.

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    I just got my new MacBook Pro and I'm psyched; transferred all of my files from my old Powerbook G4, no problem. I go to sync my pda to iCal, spend 3+ hours trying every troubleshooting tactic, download and fix, and the pda can't establish a connection to the laptop. I wasn't using iCal before, but instead I had CorporateTime (Oracle Calendar), and never had an issue, but I'm changing jobs and would rather use iCal now. My pda is a Sony clie, but with Palm platform and software; The iSync is all set up with the pda, shows the device in the window to choose; alas, no connection. I read on a different discussion that with a clie, I need Missing Sync--do I really have to spend another $45 just to use my pda successfully w/my laptop? As I said, this wasn't an issue with CorporateTime and my old laptop.

    Is there some step that I'm missing?? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Did you transfer the files, or INSTALLED the supporting software?

    Inspectr teh Hotsync log and make sure you have only conduit enabled for each handheld app. Have read of coflicts, between iCal and addressbook / calendar if both oare enabled.
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