Is it possible to prevent user from accessing gmail on 2nd device with my account?

Discussion in 'Android OS' started by raspabalsa, May 30, 2016.

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    same, here, jig....
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    "I admit my request is uncommon, and probably Google has no interest in providing means to do it (would affect sales after all). I mostly gave up and now my family account has its first games :)" /QUOTE]

    To raspabalsa - I created an account JUST SO I COULD REPLY TO YOU.
    Your request is not uncommon. I have been looking everywhere for a solution to this!! I'm in the same boat!! Argh! I want my son to be able to watch and like YouTube and access them in the history but I do not want him or others he's with to have access to my gmail, pics, docs, calendar, etc. Only YouTube and PlayStore apps. There's a few other people I know looking for solutions. We can't be the only ones!

    This is an old thread. You might've already found a solution. When I was looking in past they only had "G Suite" which is paid service for companies. But I looked again today,(just now), & see they have a service called Family Link you can sign up for but it is invite only and for your kids under 13 (? i think) & needs to have compatible device. I am waiting on invite I will keep you posted.
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    This app is available in the Google Play Store. It is free to download and makes no mention of needing any "invite". App was most recently updated yesterday (07/06/2017).

    Google Family Link

    UPDATE: Oops. My mistake. :vboops:
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    Welcome to Brighthand, Elle Bryant.

    Thank you for your recommendation. I haven't yet found a complete solution. What I've been doing is purchase apps for my kids' own accounts (discussed a few posts back), so I no longer keep my own account on their devices. The Google Family Link app seems to address my original request, but there are two serious problems with it: a) It only runs on Android 7 or higher (none of my kids' devices run it), and, b) it's only for users in the U.S.A., and neither I nor my kids are there (we live in South America).

    I read Google's description page here and it does say it requires an invite.

    I see this is a new app, and I hope they'll expand coverage OS-wise and country-wise in the future. However, I don't expect Google to expand this service to South America anytime soon, given that Google's Family Plan launched several years ago and still the only South American country it allows is Brazil.

    EDIT: on further research, Google Family Link does not address my original request, which was to share my google account with my kids' devices but at the same time lock access to my account for certain apps on their device (especifically gmail). The Family Link app allows the parents to monitor a kid's own google account and allow/block purchases, but it doesn't do what I wanted to, nor is a solution to share apps across accounts (Google Family Plan does the latter, but doesn't work in my country).
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