Is it possible to change profile name ?

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions, Help and Announcements' started by John Farrel, Aug 18, 2014.

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    I believe that you meant definitely (certainly), not defiantly (confrontational). Apologies if my assumption was incorrect but given the circumstances, it was not much of a leap.

    You'd have to plead your case to the Administrators. Since you have no compelling reason for making such a large change, it's probably best to just keep what you have.
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    Well, I can understand ! And as a suggestion it would be too much great if you allowed user to have two name i.e first one is screen name and the other name would be profile name. Screen name can be change but the profile name couldn't be changed ?? Is that possible in future. And yes you are correct I was actually writing definitely , I think that problem may been arise because of the dictionary settings it may have automatically correct the error.

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