Is it me, or have some forums *Disappeared*?

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    Not to come across as anti Apple, the same can now be said for Android. If you're not on a version of Android that is currently being updated, such as Marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo, get updated, or upgraded. It pains me to chuck my devices that aren't on the current OS, but I'm not going to submit my data to a heist due to EOL. I've already shut down these devices, and told my better half that we need to upgrade them or do without.
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    It's not really about your philosophy of upgrades or whether you personally are providing support. I do agree the Palm history is somewhat different; but the point of the Palm comparison wasn't because they are similar, but because if you're rationalizing forums, the past history of a defunct device and platform (largely) is all the more reason not to have hardware and OS forums following your reasoning (I do not) and to boil them down as was done with Apple. It doesn't make a big deal to me as I said, but it is somewhat incongruous and non-parallel. Just one person's opinion, not a fiat.

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