iPhone OS in software forums?

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions, Help and Announcements' started by zap2, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. zap2

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    It seems a bit odd to me that we don't have an iPhone OS to go along with Android, WebOS, Symbian, Palm OS and Windows Mobile.

    It seems odd to me that the iPhone OS which runs on three different hardware products(iPad, iPhone and iPod touch...)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Ed Hardy

    Ed Hardy TabletPCReview Editor Staff Member

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    It's something consider. I'm hesitant to do it for two reasons.

    1. Splitting discussion in two places rarely leads to more discussion.
    2. You are the first person who has complained, and keeping Reason #1 in mind, I don't want to rock the boat.

    Maybe I should create an iPhone OS forum that's really just a link to the Apple forum. That should make it clearer to new users what's going on.

    What I'm concerned is going to happen is I'll create an iPhone OS forum that's as underused as the webOS forum. Virtually all the webOS-related discussions are going on in the Palm Pre and Pixi sub-forums of the Palm forum.
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  3. Hook

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    I think in general, having a separate OS forum only made sense for Garnet and WinMo-- IE, PDAs. That's because, with most smartphone platforms, it is really hard to talk about the OS apart from the hardware and so most conversation goes on in the device forum. WinMo and Garnet, on the other hand, tend to be fairly consistent across hardware and so there is much more general conversation about apps and the OS tweaks.

    Even posting in the Symbian forum rather than the Noka forum seems artificial to me, although I know there are non-Nokia Symbian devices out there.
  4. Antoine Wright

    Antoine Wright Neighborhood Mobilist Super Moderator

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    That's only because of the lack of exposure to a non-Nokia branded Symbian experience (partially our fault for not fostering this; partly Symbian's fault since our audience is more or less USAmerican then the rest of the world).

    Nokia can/does include Maemo, Symbian, and S40. And though the latter isn't as talked about here regularly here, it happens every once and a while. Plane-Jane Symbian software comes around and is routed accordingly, but yes, the blending can be a difficult one for some - again, this is where we (mods and writers) do our job of refocusing as necessary.

    I'd assume the same diligence is needed for iPhone OS discussions - as it soon will also be the case for HTC ones (Android, WinMobile, and Brew).
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