iOS & Android are really just copies of Palm OS UI

Discussion in 'iOS / iPhone' started by SyncRaven, Nov 13, 2021.

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    “good artists borrow, great artists steal.”
    Just like the original Macintosh was ripped from the Xerox PARC OS.. I think both Apple and Google just ripped off Palm basically.
    Handspring really deserves the most credit for connecting it with phones with the originally visorphone springboard module.
    And the thing is it's not even a good "copy" since both android and IOS are basically bloated battery life killers.

    I think Steve Jobs had some guilt about that actually - he made comments saying basically "no offense to the work Palm did but people are not using Palm PDAs anymore" which I think was him justifying his theft in his head, or trying to minimize their relevance when in fact he knew deep down he shamelessly used what they started. :).
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    Not exactly true. Although Apple had engineers that had worked at Xerox, many of the concepts for MacOS were developed before their visit to Xerox PARC. Steve Jobs traded Apple stock for a visit to Xerox Parc, so it wasn't exactly stealing. Xerox was more interested in Smalltalk language development. Smalltalk was, I believe, the first Object Oriented Programming language. The OS shell was more of a proof of concept. Xerox never had any real intentions to develop the OS commercially as far as I remember.

    As for ripping off Palm. I don't know, how many ways can you do home screens with icons. I wish Google and Apple "ripped them off " more, creating more serious work devices, but they didn't because smart phones didn't evolve from the merging of phones and PDAs. They evolved from the merging of phones and media devices. The iPhone was an iPod with a phone stuck in it. That's why cameras are a bigger deal than almost any other feature. They have now evolved into social media devices for much of the public.

    I would have been happy if Apple and Google had ripped off Palm.

    That said, I agree with Scjjtt, I'm happy with what I can get done these days on a mid-range phone.
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    I also think that's a bit reductive, but during the early days of the smartphone wars, largely between Android and iOS, I used to see all these claims about how Apple 'invented' the app store, and invented the idea of screens with icons for apps, etc. It was like no one had ever seen a Palm or Treo phone before; much less some of the more advanced feature phones from Nokia and Sidekick.

    I can remember how cool I thought the Treo 270 was when it came out, which was five years before the iPhone came out. Palm itself was too slow in developing a phone. I've said many times that they had the opportunity to merge the TX or LifeDrive with phone functionality (which was actually achieved with early VOIP tech at the time in the aftermarket).
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