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Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by ceril, Apr 15, 2008.

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    My ipaq 212 came preloaded with ClearVue PDF which will not read the majority of the pdf files I have on an SD card. Some files cannot be read, some can be read, some parts of files can be read, and another file gives the message "ClearVue PDF encountered an internal error trying to load or display the requested file."

    The pdf files are on a SanDisk 4GB Micro SDHC fitted to an SD adapter.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

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    I use Adobe Reader for PPCs and X-PDF to read the files. Both are free. I use a Micro SD card plus adapter too. I do use the ClearVue Pro Suite for printing from SoftMaker Office.
    Firstly, make sure you have enough RAM. Some PDF files are huge, though it's not usually the case.
    I've found that PDFs vary in their format. Sometimes a 'reflowed' PDF will open where the original won't. Sometimes files containing images are problematic. PDFs created by printer driver add-ons are troublesome more often than those made by Office 2007 or Adobe's own programs. The latest desktop version of Adobe Reader doesn't convert PDF files properly through ActiveSync (ie. reflow.) I've turned off file conversions in ActiveSync. I haven't tried Mobile Device Centre in Vista.
    Some programs have trouble reading files from expansion cards after a device is turned off and on again. Can you read files stored in the internal memory? I always apply a hack to avoid this but can't say whether it will help or even if it's relevant with newer devices.
    Use a registry editor to change 'HKLM\System\Storage Manager\PNPUnloadDelay' to 4096 decimal. Resco Explorer can be used to make the change and it's a hack available in Tweaks2k2. Make a backup first, just in case of disaster.
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    Opera Mobile 9.51 beta 2 ( FORGET IT!!!)
    In my ipaq 214 cause me so much irritating moments!

    When you tap to view some part of a webpage, opera understands to zoom in, once it's zoomed in, you tap again to enter in a thread (for example) and operas zooms the page out!

    By the way , this happens with all Opera mobile versions. You scroll down the page by using the stylet and the Opera understand to zoom in!!!
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