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    It seems that it is worthwhile to create and maintain a list of programs that have difficulties with our "beloved" 210/11/14?

    As far as I am aware:

    Will soon add quirks from the OS (though that is a bigger project) and bundled applications/programs
    Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic

    Bluetooth compatibility difficulties reported with a combination SPB titles and/or Skype. (thanks bigvoice and DrAT)

    Doesn't Work

    Card Export II - per company report ticket answer (thanks Yildi)

    Chinese Monster version 6 (version 5.3 works)

    WiFiFoFum - not set up to play nicely with our marvell chip. (thanks David Hettel)

    SPB Backup - the actual application works and is not reported to "crash" the system, but rather using the backups to restore system has been reported to cause "Unrecognized Card in Socket 1" error

    (resco backup has been reported as working well however do not "restore" from backup made from completely different device - has led one poster on aximsite to damage which mandated him to replace his unit. see sprite 6.2 below)

    TomTom 6 (other than 6.03 - which does work.)


    SKSchema from SKSoftware

    MiniStumbler: Does not see Wi-Fi card of the 211 so the program will not function.

    Works Partially

    Omega One Battery Pack Pro - report that the power store information doesn't update after a period.

    Sprite Backup 6.2 - strong password encryption/decryption scrambles password when restoring, at least between devices. A work-around exists to not restore security settings: (don't restore the following files: "\Pocket PC\System Data\File System\Windows\System\Default.mky" AND "\Pocket PC\System Data\File System\Windows\System\System.mky") - thanks franktl

    Worms World Party - game works well, but the mapping to hardware buttons has been reported if you hexedit config file (WWPSave.dat) - (thanks rush214)

    Fleximail (thanks DrAT) Since there is only one post claiming it working to some level, and the company still claims that it isn't compatible with the 210 211 214 and DRat has posted some serious and potentially very problematic limitations, I hesitate to move it here, but will for the meanwhile. More experiences with fleximail as it is?)

    Although it has been reported that Webis Mail Version 2.11 (Build 4187) works well and completely (thanks wingman2000)

    native PIM with Outlook 2003/7 in Vista and XP with a lot of info (Pocket Informant 8 has been reported as working well)

    coreplayer 1.2.*

    PIE with Chinese OS - significant slowdown surfing Chinese language sites reported (at least once)

    Slick 0.42 - Slick is messenger application for mobile devices though various online messaging programs (ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber) . Currently it is still in development, and alpha version is available for free for public testing http://www.lonelycatgames.com/?app=slick User KS3 notes that the only draw back is that sometimes when you have a lot of things open the program hangs. I just go to Memory and close all programs

    Unclear Functioning

    Real VGA - suspicion that it awakens "Unrecognized Card in Socket 1" error. Not clear if it is the real suspect. Though other reports that it works well.

    WordNetCE Dictionary (works but the text is very big)

    Messaging - has reports of deleted mail items while using Gmail POP - though it may work with gmail IMAP

    Being Examined Further - i.e. not sure but at least a report was made

    Macromedia Flash 7 bothering SPB Plus Repeating Alarms function

    Fully Functional

    Adobe Flash - for windows mobile.

    AE Button Plus 2.6 - Allows you to bind up to 4 different actions (of more than 40) to almost any hardware button including volume slider, SoftKey buttons and even green/red phone buttons.

    Agile Messenger: Agile Mobile - MSN, ICQ, AOL, AIM, XMPP, IMPS, Google Talk & Yahoo! Messenger for your mobile phone

    AIM for Pocket PC: This is the hacked version that DOES work on our Win Mobile 5 and 6 units, simply install and use it. Follow the link, click on "FILE" below the first paragraph to download AIM. Note: You'll have to do a quick free sign-up of that forum, in order to download the file. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ked+pocket+AIM


    Battery Monitor
    Bejeweled 2 - our first game on the list!
    Better Measure - Simple and robust unit converter that allows the user to customize the layout to suit their needs.
    Boingo Mobile - global Wi-Fi service for mobile handsets

    Cash Organizer Premium 2008
    Chronos Alarm Clock
    Clearview Viewer
    Conversions In Hand: Burr Oak Software

    DateCalcCE: Allows you to quickly calculate the number of days, or weeks and days, between two dates. DateCalcCE

    Due Date Reminder: keeps track of all due dates and also keeps you reminding you of the desired Dues to be paid. http://www.freewareppc.com/database/...reminder.shtml

    Ectaco French-English Distionary (quite an old version)
    Easy Sync
    eWallet - reported versions 4.1 and 6.0
    Expense Plus
    Flash Format - formatting utility. Defragment, format and repair internal and external (SD or CF) cards. Flash Format | Verify, repair, format and autorun compact flash, sd and mini sd storage cards on Windows Mobile / Pocket PC, Smartphone and Windows CE devices
    Foxit Reader
    Fpsece - Playstation Emulator
    Franklin Covey Plan Plus v5.0 for Outlook.
    Gotomypc - remote access software
    Google Map

    GoogHelper for Windows Mobile PPC - search Google without first opening up any browser window and then click on a list of results and automatically open a browser then. GoogHelper for Windows Mobile Pocket PC - Snappy utility that helps you quickly launch various Internet searches.

    HaaliReader - ebook reader PRC/PDB (plain text and XML - not HTML or LIT)

    HanDBase v4
    HandySwitcher: HandySwitcher - DinarSoft
    HiCalc: Where you find quality products for your PDA

    iSS Financial Calculator: http://www.implicitsoftware.com/mobi...ncialcalc.html

    IM+ 4.56 - messaging solution that allows users to exchange instant messages within the most popular IM systems MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber

    Lexisgoo English Dictionary: Where you find quality products for your PDA


    Live Search For Windows Mobile: web search software. Live Search for mobile

    Magic Button - Transcreative
    MemMaid 1.72, 2.2
    MicroOLAP - CHM file reader
    MS Pocket Reader
    MS Pocket Streets
    My Sport Training (quite an old version: 3.98)
    NewsBreak - news feed reader (RSS plus more)

    Omnisolve - Advanced forms-based financial problem solver combined with a built-in finance calculator.

    Opera 8.65
    Pad, The by Visualit
    PHM Regedit
    Pocket 15SE calculator (by Lygea)
    Pocket Artist
    Pocket Bible NIV Version by Laridian: Laridian Bible Software for Windows Mobile

    Sodoku - mastersoft, resco

    PocketDict dictionary (1.2)
    Pocket e-Sword - Bible reader
    Pocket Earth: Informap Technology Center, Inc®

    PocketInformant v7, v8
    Pocket Mechanic
    Pocket Mindmap
    Pocket Painter
    PocketPlayer: Conduits > Products > Pocket Player: MP3, WMA, Video and Podcast Player For Your Pocket PC or Smartphone!
    Pocket RAR
    Pocket Snapshot
    Pocket Spark: Allows playback of Macromedia Flash files on your Pocket PC. Conduits > Products
    Pocket Tweak
    Pocket Wikipedia
    PhatNotes 5.2
    PhatPad (old version: 2.2) and version 4.4

    Qmail: it supports POP3, IMAP4, NNTP & RSS protocols. Follow the instructions because this installation is a little different; simply copy the files to the Pocket PC. This email client works very well and fast PocketPCFreeware : QMAIL 3.0.4

    RC Mod: Pocket PC color scheme customization program
    Repligo viewer
    Resco Photo Viewer (6.01)
    Resco Explorer 2007
    Resco Audio (4.0)
    Resco Today Plugin
    Resco Keyboard Pro
    Sanford Guide to antimicrobial treatment 2007
    SBSH PocketWeather
    SBSH Ilauncher
    SecureW2 - An Open Source framework that adds EAP

    Sentry 2020: Sentry CE - file encryption for Pocket PC

    ScreenOff: turns off the screen after mapping it to a hard button. http://www.freewareppc.com/utilities...pocketpc.shtml

    Skyscape Medical programs
    SimCity 2000
    Soccer Addict
    SoftMaker 2008/TextMaker: SoftMaker : Homepage
    Sokoban , Pocket, Resco
    Space Time 3 - graphing calculator of 2-d, 3-d and 4-d freeware
    Spb Finance
    Spb Full screen keyboard
    Spb Insight
    Spb Mobile Shell - though has been noted to slow down the 210
    Spb Pocket Plus
    Spb Time
    SPB Traveller 1.6
    Sprite Backup 6
    Stowaway BT Keyboard driver
    Tiny ebook reader
    Today Agenda
    Tome Raider 3
    Total Commander

    TRPPC - helping you to implement David Allen's time management method: Getting Things Done (GTD).

    Tweaks2K2 .NET: http://www.tweaks2k2.com/portal/stat...50224182009983

    uBook Reader

    Virtual Earth Mobile: Another program like Google Maps, with image downloads and all. Via Virtual Earth

    VS Painter

    vxutil (not tested extensively) - set of utilities that lets you access Internet functions. You will be able to perform Finger, Get HTML, Info, IP Subnet Calculator, Lookup, Password Generator, Ping, Quote, Time Server, Trace Route, and Whois queries

    Warfare Incorporated

    wkTask 1173c - Applications close or minimize with a tap or tap and hold. I can also suspend the device with a vertical swipe of the stylus

    WiFi Profiles

    wm5Storage 1.8 - utility to export the flash memory card inside Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs as a usual USB Mass Storage device effectively turning your Pocket PC into flash reader and USB sticks. ActiveSync is not required and will be disconnected if it is installed.

    WMDA - winmobile download accelerator

    WOW HD sound program

    Foreign Language Associated:

    CE-Star 2.8r3 - Chinese/Japanese language addon for English version of Windows Mobile

    雅黑 - A Chinese Font so the system looks better

    梅花输入法 5.0 - A Chinese input method

    Chinese addon

    anything else that I am missing?
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    its a great idea; I'm a Palm user, so don't know if there is already something comparable to this thread for the TX at PalmFocus for WM devices. If there isn't, you might want to get in touch with a Moderator here to make it a sticky thread (permanently at the top of the 21x forum) and to control access to it (for lack of being able to concisely say ensuring that only tested apps make the list, and that it stays on topic)

    PS--belated welcome to Brighthand, ceril
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    The problem is that many programs don't just have an effect on the device itself but also on other installed programs too. I like FlexMail but it completely crashes my 214 yet other people report it works fine!
    So although a list of programs that don't work may be useful people should bear in mind that what works on one device and set up may not work on theirs. Backup first, try it and see is the best advice I suppose.
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    I agree which is why, if possible, I will try to keep it updated and offer options that have worked (at least for some). Although at least for Flexmail, the company came out and declared officially a compatibility issue in addition to other users' experience.

    Another example is the Chinese OS. I have no idea about how the Chinese OS of WM6 interacts with any program seeing as I do not speak, read etc Chinese - but it was reported. I would be happy to get feedback from any language-specific apps as well, but seeing as I know English and one other language, I personally will not be able to cover this "field".

    As always, I am open to any suggestions
  5. ceril

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    At least in the section of the HP 210, I didn't notice a sticky with such a subject, but I attribute that to the young age of the device and the fact that the alpha testers (i.e. us) haven't finished reporting just yet.
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    I have found that SKSchema from SKSoftware provokes crashes.
    SKTOOLS and SKMenu perfectly work (fortunately, I love them!).

    Other software that I have on the PDA and that function correctly are:

    Better measure
    Chronos alarm clock
    Ectaco French-English Distionary (quite an old version)
    eWallet (not even the last version: 4.1)
    My Sport Training (quite an old version: 3.98)
    Opera 8.65
    Pocket 15SE calculator (by Lygea)
    PocketDict dictionary (1.2
    PocketInformant (8.02)
    PhatPad (old version: 2.2)
    Repligo viewer
    Resco Photo Viewer (6.01)
    Resco Audio (4.0)
    Spb Full screen keyboard
    Sprite Backup 6
    Stowavay BT Keyboard driver
    Total Commander
    uBook Reader
    vxutil (not tested extensively)
    WordNetCE dictionary (works but the text is very big, I must update it maybe)
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    I'm going to go ahead and sticky this thread. A couple recommendations: you might want to sort the list by categories: "Doesn't work," "Works partially," "Fully functional," etcetera. Also, if you go to the advanced reply or edit box, you'll see on the bar right above the text some formatting options that might help you organize the list.
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    Only problem I have is that SPB Backup has and is working great for me and for others so why is it listed in the Doesn't Work section? :confused:
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    At least for myself, and several others, a restore using SPB Backup results in the CF Slot not being recognized. SPB is working on it. If you don't use a CF card, then it probably does work very well for you.
  10. Mickeylittle

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    That's good to know. I had no idea that was happening. There have been so many CF issues with the 210 that many also say that there must be a hardware problem.
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