If You've Made TX Repairs With Chris Short, A Few Questions...

Discussion in 'Palm' started by lelisa13p, Jul 29, 2017.

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    I love California! :vbsmile: I hope you'll have yourselves a wonderful vacation! :newpalm:
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    HC - I know that this is off topic - but what is your wife's doctoral program at Fuller? It's a great seminary.

    By the way, our church use to have our University in Pasadena before it was moved to ocean front property in San Diego in 1973.


    The campus in Pasadena was purchased by U.S. Center for World Mission by Ralph Winter, a professor from Fuller Seminary.


    It's now called the Venture Center...


    ...anyway - something to read about and maybe drop by and see while in Pasadena!

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    Could be Tapatalk. I wouldn't be surprised. I'd become so accustomed to this site malfunctioning, I thought nothing of it failing yet again.

    California is a beautiful area. I was last through California in 2009. Drove a big chunk of Hwy 1 up to SFO. Friend dropped me off and I flew back home, and he continued up to Washington state. Who knew, he'd meet a really sweet gal from the area, and they'd get married. They're perfect for each-other!


    My wife is working on her Doctorate of Ministry. :)

    They have options where spouses can sit in and audit the course if they'd like. To say that I'm way out of my league is being nice. I have no business auditing any course here. I fully support my wife's endeavors and encourage her to gain new knowledge and skill-sets. This is not my area of knowledge or skill, and I do not wish to diminish, distract or derail the class with my novice level understandings. They've paid good money to further educate themselves. They deserve to get the most out of their investment. :)

    Thanks for the links. I'll give them a browse. The cost for her classes and our flight out here are a fair bit, so unless these places are within walking distance... :)

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