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    Not sure if we've already talked about this, but I wanted to point all of you to a website by the Symbian Foundation folks called

    This website is pretty much a think-discussion tank for all those things related to the Symbian platform and mobile life in general. You can do things there such as propose new ideas, discuss and vote on existing ideas, and pretty much interact with many people who are free range thinkers towards the Symbian platform.

    I know that the site might not be live for all of you yet (I believe that it will go live for all soon), but you can view some of the items there. And yes, I've posted a number of items there because I have ideas about a lot :D

    Check out. And if you aren't able to sign-up but have an idea, drop it here and I'll post it.

    Symbian UI Brainstorm

    The second website that is also pretty neat for offering your opinions and ideas towards the direction of the Symbian platform (it is fully open source now) is the Symbian UI Brainstorm.

    The UI Brainstorm is basically a site where you can submit images of various user interface (UI) enhancements that you'd like to see on the Symbian platform. Many of these get linked to a corresponding post at the Ideas.Symbian website, and in some cases they have already been rolled into devices - such as the UI idea of letters on the phone dialer.

    Check it out and even contribute if you so feel empowered to do so.

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