I want a TX2. What is your wish list.

Discussion in 'Palm' started by Tritan, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. slee999

    slee999 Palm and Pocket PC User!!

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    Either/or better(glass) screen or thumb board (sliding would be great..), brighter screen (ie:Blackberry, any HP hand held), thumbwheel on side for scrolling, improved digitizer (no more dead spots after 3 months!!) Something better than Blazer out of the box. Replaceable battery.
  2. mansfield

    mansfield Palm Enthusiast

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    A foldout larger screen or a projector.

    A virtual keyboard that can be projected on a flat surface. I've read that these are available as accessories, but get bad reviews.
  3. hkklife

    hkklife Mobile Deity

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    A realistic list, given Palm's abandonment of traditional handhelds & their penny-pinching R&D department:

    1. 128mb RAM, same as current TX
    2. 1gb-4gb of onboard flash (ala T5). Drive mode just like T5/LD.
    3. Bluetooth 1.2 stack from the Treo 680. 2.0 and A2DP would be fantastic but it ain't gonna happen.
    4. Higher capacity battery, minimum 2200mAh.
    5. Much more DBHeap & DBCache (at least as much as the Treo 680)
    6. A charge/notification LED and a built-in microphone
    7. Backlit hardware buttons & d-pad (ala Treo)
    8. CDMA Bluetooth DUN capability standard and done with the blessings of the domestic carriers.
    9. A user-selectable option to toggle between Graffiti 1 & 2. Or, have G2 standard and sell a supported, legitimate G1 library "plugin" for $10-$15 to cover the licensing costs to Xerox.
    10.A single supplier of LCDs (Sharp?) so we can have uniform screen brightness/tint.
    11. A very strong software bundle (DTG9 and PTunes Deluxe or a reskinned Kinoma or CorePlayer). Palm should also include some solid VOIP software on the CD and push a TX2 as a PMP/Internet tablet/digital camera companion that also happens to do PDA stuff.
    12. SDHC slot driver standard, along with rewrittten FrankenGarnet file system that recognizes 8gb+ volume sizes.
    13. A new (and reasonably priced) TX2 + BT GPS receiver + TomTom bundle where the TX is officially supported and treated as a viable alternative to Treos and dedicated GPS systems.
  4. Ohappydaye

    Ohappydaye Wonder Palmstress

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    You're welcome berylrb... I wish I could do coool stufff like that with Photoshop...maybe I'll play around with it some later.
  5. rayman

    rayman eCurmudgeon

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    Here's my wish list: 4 GB storage memory, at least 32MB dbCache (64 would be better), TWO SD slots with SDHC and SDIO support, a power indicator LED, a microphone and voice-recording capability, a standard USB slot (could be a mini-USB slot) with full USB support, a SCROLL WHEEL with a user-definable button, another user-definable button (on the side), dump the useless IR port, 802.11g, EV-DO or HSDPA support, a (much) beefier battery, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    I could go on and on ....

    Oh yeah, and revise the *^*&^&!!! "k" graffiti character! Bring back the sideways shortcut stroke that generated a "K"!!
  6. btaryag

    btaryag not a member

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    It would be nice to have it smaller. Most tech things constantly get smaller (cellphones, notebooks, dmp) so should the TX.

    A tad better batt life.

    More heap/cache/whatever its called, I am sick of the lags

    Better integration/support for applications that are core/important/widely used/would be widely used if done right. E.g. music player, video player, photo viewer, map software etc etc - with better support for these apps in Palm Desktop.

    eBook reader with easy sync options to Palm desktop. (DTG is great, but to cumbersome for quick access to larger docs. And many ebooks come in weird formats).


    Speakers on front.

    Microphone!! (would also be nice to have integration with skype)

    Led indicator

    Better connector.

    Much brighter screen. And the ability to dim it all the way to no backlight at all.

    Graffiti (or the ability to pay for it)

    Bulit in onscreen virtual thumbpad (should also have anti-fingerprint screen - if it exists).

    Better browser.

    Better power button.

    Keep the 299 price (or lower!!!)
  7. klh6686

    klh6686 Newbie

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    I would like to see VGA screen, proc + mem upgrade, but most important a substantial OS upgrade.

    Edit: i would also like to see video out similar to the ipod video.
  8. DankInk

    DankInk Proud Newbie

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    I hope they dont do any changes JUST yet... I just ordered my TX this morning!
  9. antonm

    antonm Earthling

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    radio? classic FM?
  10. internetpilot

    internetpilot Flying Dog (...duh...)

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    In blinking through this thread, with the exception of the screen size and Bluetooth (which I have yet to find a use for, but...to each their own) Palm produced a T|X2 before they put out the original T|X. It's called a T|C.

    The Tungsten|C...let's see...

    - Faster processor
    - Plenty of memory (okay, only 64mb, but it's 5-year-old device)
    - Huge amounts of Heap (why they would reduce that for new Palms I don't know)
    - Capable of running huge apps off the SD card
    - Built-in Wi-Fi
    - Very nice QWERTY keyboard
    - Hi-res screen
    - Nice battery life
    - Good ol' Palm Universal Connector (they never should've changed)
    - Comes with a FREAKIN' DOCK ($3 of plastic and cables) for easy charging
    - Battery charge/alarm light
    - Vibrating alarm

    ...and most importantly

    - The last stable version of Palm OS

    Basically, I can pretty much guarantee that the T|C will be my last Palm device, which is a great big shame since I absolutely love this thing. Palm really had a good thing going, but they're WAY behind the times. Palm is primarily focussing on smartphones now, and what I think is very funny is that their biggest competition is not other PDA manufacturers -- it's other smartphone manufactures. The Blackberry, Q, the Envy, etc. is what is outselling Treos now. And when people want a PDA are they going to Palm? Nope. They're going Windows Mobile. Palm is a company without a niche. They don't do any one thing great anymore. They used to be the best PDA, but they let that claim go down the toilet because they decided to focus on phones, which cost twice as much as their smartphone competition.

    ...alas, they just don't call me for advice anymore. I could help them out -- I really could. We'd have a Palm Tungsten|C2 that would be everything your T|X'ers could ever want, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Do they call me? Do they ask me? No.

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