HP XPander cancelled

Discussion in 'Windows Phone' started by Charles Pickrell, Feb 14, 2001.

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  1. Charles Pickrell

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    Read below from C|Net. I wonder what the software will be like and if you can use it on ARM/MIPS.


    Although the calculator of the future may resemble a handheld computer, Hewlett-Packard has decided that now is not the time to merge the two.

    The company has pulled the plug on Xpander, a graphing calculator running Microsoft's Windows CE operating system. HP began circulating prototypes of the device in August and hoped to release the product in the first half of this year.

    HP has been a pioneer of the calculator since the late 1960s, which paved the way for it to become a computer industry giant.

    Dan Feeney, HP's product marketing manger, said Tuesday that the response from educators who tried the unit was good but that the idea of a calculator with limited calendar and address book features just didn't have a broad enough appeal.

    However, the company will make the calculator software available as a free download for its Jornada handheld computer and other handhelds that use Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system.

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  2. jimmyc

    jimmyc Guest

    Glad to see HP will offer the software for free. As a financial analyst, that is just the type of calculator I would like on a handheld. Negates the need to carry around a HP-12C in additon to a PDA...
  3. sticky2

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    Oo.. a good calculator would a killer.. and no-one makes calculators like HP.
  4. zootie

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  5. SolarCurt

    SolarCurt Guest

    Too bad HP canceled it. The xpander was going to be a windows CE box with a keyboard built in, something my customers ask me for every day. (not a clumsy clamshell like most other boxes with keyboards.) Here are pics of it: http://hpcalc.org/xpander.php

    And for something around $200. I wish someone would eventually see the huge demand and make something like that!
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