How to Upgrade to the TX from a Previous Palm

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    These directions are for Windows XP Home and XP Professional and Windows 2000. Windows 98 and ME are not compatible. Some users have reported success with XP Media Center Edition. Feel free to supplement your successful upgrade experience.

    Follow these steps (some addendum to what is on the site for upgrading):

    1. Sync your old device.

    2. Rename your C:\Palm\[your truncated hotsync name]\Backup folder to something like OldBackup, Today'sDateBackup, or [your old Palm model, like T3]Backup. I prefer to also move it to computer desktop so that I do not have a snowball's chance of confusing it with any other backup folder. Failure to perform this step will ensure horrible results. You have been warned.

    3. Charge your TX, check your third-party apps (including hacks and TSRs) for updated versions, check the TX software compatibility lists ( has a comprehensive, organized list). Incompatible third-party apps will produce the following: freezes or resets when you open an application (not necessarily the incompatible app), slow performance, unusual screen display, difficulties using handheld features, uneven sound quality. Download and unzip any upgrades you need. Do not run any installers at this time. Snoop around the User Guide or browse a few forums.

    4. Time's up! TX is charged. Select language, date/time, do the digitizer dance. Turn off all other running applications to ensure Registry is properly written to; this includes antivirus and firewall. Install new Palm Desktop and perform initial sync to your existing hotsync name. Your PIMs will come over and a new Backup folder will be created in the above-referenced path. Play a bit and get comfortable with some of the new features.

    5. Before you start installing third-party applications, make sure you have your registrations handy. Install third party apps one or two at a time through QuickInstall from your OldBackup/[your old Palm model]Backup folder or newly extracted downloads if old versions are a no-go. Warning, if upgrading from a T3, do not install AppSlipRotate.prc and StatusBarLib.prc. You will lose the Status Bar.

    You will have to know all of the associated files for an app in your OldBackup folder and install them together for proper functionality. Creator ID is useful for these associations, although not all apps have just one ID. If uncertain, re-download and then locate your data in the OldBackup folder. You will have to re-run the installers for those apps with their own conduits or desktop apps (AvantGo, Splash Money, Vindigo, Sunrise are examples). Whatever you do, never install any preferences files from your old device unless you are fond of reset loops and hard resets.

    Begin installations with the latest version of Uninstall Manager and Cleanup (also sold as NeatFreak Pack). Then add your favorite file manager (FileZ, Resco Explorer, etc.). This will significantly ease cleanup if you mistakenly sync an old or disruptive app. Then install more apps, one at a time unless you are entirely confident of full compatibility with NVFS.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy your TX!

    It would be nice if someone with a Mac could post a follow-on. Likewise with XP Media Center Edition (note whether 2004 or 2005).
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    Macintosh follow up:

    In step 2, the path for the backup folder is different. It is:

    ~/Documents/Palm/Users/<hotsync ID>/Backups

    In step 4, make sure you repair permissions before Installing either Palm Desktop, or Missing Sync for Palm OS:

    Open /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
    Click the First Aid tab at the top
    Select your boot drive
    Click on Repair Permissions
    Wait a while

    It is also a good idea to repair permissions after the install is complete.

    All the rest is exactly as DT said.
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    Great job you guys! Hopefully this thread will attract a lot of attention.

    I would recommend adding apps very slowly to your Tx to see how they work. One of the first apps I would add after Uninstall Manger and Filez is a very good and compatible backup app that allows keeping several backups on your card. I added my apps slowly and tested and then backed up. Then I repeated the process again. I used BackupBuddyVFSPro, but there are several great apps avaiable including but not limited to RescoBackup and BackupMan.

    I am going to add my experiences with a long list of compatible and not so compatible apps on my Tx here. This may help new users to install some of there favorite apps without worry. The following list is an ongoing project of mine. I love to test new apps that might be useful or just fun.

    My Tx Applications
    The following apps seem to coexist happily on my Tx. The apps that are stared are ones that I use every day or are always activated.

    1. *Owner 1.07
    2. 1st Aid 1.4
    3. 3Xcom 1.02
    4. Addit 3.320
    5. *Aeroplayer 5.5
    6. Alarms 2.0.0Q
    7. LCD Analyzer 1.6
    8. *AuDodo 1.0.4
    9. AuSlang 1.2
    10. *BackupBuddyVFS Pro 3.3
    11. BEIKSDictionaryThesaurus_5.7
    12. Bubblet 1.6.0
    13. *ButtonsEx 1.1.6
    14. C-Tools 2.0
    15. Card Export 2.21.777
    16. VFS CardSpeed 1.2
    17. ChemTable 2.22
    18. CleanUp 3.44 (lacks Tx signature files)
    19. *Clock+3.81
    20. CrashPro 2.24
    21. Currency 1.3
    22. *CutPaste5 3.1
    23. DataViewer 2.85.1
    24. *DocsToGo Premium Edition 8.001
    25. DopeWars 2.2.4
    26. eReader Pro 2.6.1
    27. EYE-Dict 1.0
    28. *Emerald Sounds 3.0
    29. *FlleMaker Mobile 8
    30. Filez 6.8.3
    31. Flight Status 1.02
    32. *Fonts4OS5 3.30
    33. Font Collector 1.41
    34. HandMap Pro 5.1.2
    35. *HandyShopper 2.9c
    36. HappyDays 2.37
    37. Hide&#8217;em 1.3
    38. Hold&#8217;em (No Limit Texas) 2.0
    39. ImagiProbe 4.0.2
    40. *Jfile 5.65a
    41. *JShopper 1.7
    42. Keyboard 3.0T
    43. *KeyColor1.9
    44. Kinoma Player 3 EX 3.1.1
    45. *KsDatebook 1.6.1
    46. Lakers (Natara DatePak 1.6.2)
    47. LaunchPad 1.0.102
    48. LightMorse 1.1
    49. LoanUtil 8.0
    50. lovedice 1.0
    51. MC-Phone 1.19a
    52. MovieGuide 1.4
    53. Noah Pro 3.0
    54. *NoviRemoteDeluxe3.3
    55. *OffItPalm 1.5
    56. Pac-Man 1.06
    57. PalmSutra21e8c
    58. *PamPuke 0.2
    59. Parking Lot 3.0
    60. *Password Launch 1.0.6a
    61. PhoneLog 2.10
    62. PaymentUtil 6.0
    63. PowerNet 1.9.8
    64. PowerRun 1.3.1
    65. ProfileMD 1.0.5
    66. PXAClocker (Lite) 46
    67. *RLock 1.20
    68. Sea War 1.3
    69. *ShortCut5 1.6
    70. snapCalc5 5.6.3
    71. SnowBoard Bob 2.1
    72. Sol Free 4.3
    73. Solitaire 3.1p
    74. SolPok 2.0
    75. Speedy 6.1
    76. *SplashID 3.22
    77. *SplashMoney 4.08
    78. SplashPhoto 4.33
    79. *SportsSchedulePro 1.1.4
    80. *SportsSchedulePro NBA 1.07
    81. Stability Test
    82. Stamps 0.7.9
    83. *SysInfo 4.3
    84. TCAccident 2.0
    85. *tcpmp 0.71
    86. *Thesaurus 2.2.5
    87. *Tide Tool 2.2
    88. ToolOne 1.15
    89. *TotalCar 6.0
    90. Translate 1.01
    91. *Tx Home Icon
    92. *Uninstall Manager 3.03
    93. YAUC 1.2.2d

    Marginal Apps
    Some of the following apps do not negatively impact my Tx and I am using even with their imitations.
    1. CrashPro 2.22 Beta1- Does not catch all crashes and fatal resets but does catch and log a few. This is a beta only. CrashPro 2.22 was released on 12/27/05. CrashPro 2.24 works great and I am using it on my Tx
    2. *FileMaker Mobile Syncs perfectly with FileMaker Pro 6 and all databases are readable on Tx. Unfortunately you can not edit databases on Tx. I will undoubtedly upgrade to Mobile 8.0 which should be released very soon. FileMaker Mobile 8 is a fabulous improvement and I have upgraded.
    3. MyCar2.0- If you open the note drawing page, you will have a soft reset. I do not use this app.
    4. OnGuardBackup102 works fine but causes BackupBuddyVFSPro to not backup properly (Problem Solved!). I do not use this app.
    5. MobiTV 2.9 (Demo)- locked up my Tx with the repeating demo video and no buttons or the Home Icon worked to get out so I had to do a soft reset to reclaim my Tx. I do not use this app.
    6. Off 1.1b- increased the frequency of soft resets (I think!), I do not use this app.
    7. *Fonts4OS5 3.30: I love this app and keep it locked on my Tx for increased stability. If you check command bar activation, you will cause periodic soft resets when you try and activate the command bar on your Tx. You should uncheck that box.

    Apps to avoid
    The following apps do not work at all on Tx and some of them negatively impact it. I do not use these currently although I know that many folks are using FontSmoother successfully on their Tx.
    1. Moon Phase 2.7
    2. AutoExec
    3. Palm Internals
    4. Parking Lot (Parking Lot 3.0 works)
    5. FontBucket 1.46
    6. FontSmoother (1.6 seems to work) [1.7 works great so I am told]

    Apps that I have tested and used but no longer have on my Tx, because I never used them.
    1. SharkTXFix 1.2
    2. WalletInventoryv3.0
    3. 3D Mines 1.0
    4. SilverScreen 3.4.7
    5. PDA Check 1.6
    6. TimeWhiz 1.61
    7. System Information 1.0 (Free Version)
    8. Stylus Pilot 1.0
    9. C-Roid 2.0
    10. ClickoMania 3.0
    11. Hangman 1.0
    12. Wiffi 5.4
    13. SharkDownload 1.0
    14. dbScan 1.9c
    15. IntellligentFind 3.2.2
    16. TetriVersions5_0
    17. Dated1000
    18. UnCache 1.3
    19. OffStroke-0.9
    20. Button Launcher 3.2.3
    21. DBCache Tool 0.2a
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    Thanks for this useful thread.

    I only wish I had found it before I upgraded from my Sony Clie to my new TX!

    So now I would like to start over and do it right.

    What would be the steps to do a fresh install? And in what order?

    Now that I've done a hard reset I have some questions:

    Do I first uninstall all the palm software via Windows Add/Remove control panel app? Do I reinstall the whole shebang from the TX CD? I'd like to do this right and would be especially glad to hear from someone who has been in my shoes and started from scratch.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Peter McG
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    There should be no need to uninstall palm desktop on windows. Especially not around the same time as a hard reset! What you should do is rename your backup folder so you can reconstruct your preferences free from any previous Palm data. You can then add your apps back a few at a time.

    hope this helps...
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    Thanks so much for putting together this thread. I've just upgraded my trusty Tungsten C to a TX and this thread was a great help.

  7. z22 2006 User

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    I know this is the wrong device, but what steps do you change if you are upgrading from a z22 to and e2?
  8. Dick Tracy

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    Use same procedure described above to be sure the Z22 preferences don't get installed on the E2.

    Enjoy your new E2 and Happy (early) Birthday.
  9. z22 2006 User

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    Thanks! Just wanted to make sure.
  10. Dune

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    I have been using a HP ipac and have all files in MS outlook. Do not want to have to reenter. Any Halp would be great. Still doing the 3 hour charge for startup so I have a clean slate. Want to use to advance my businss from the stick note method of record keeping. THXS

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