How to backup data on my Razr

Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by Caliente, May 8, 2014.

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    Would anybody know if I can backup my Motorola Razr data either on a SIM card, PC or even both? And one more question: is there a "notes "feature on the Razr or would I need to download an app? Thanks!
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    Welcome to Brighthand, Caliente!

    Which Razr are you referring to? The old Razr flip phone? I doubt it if you are talking about downloading an app. Perhaps you are talking about one of the Android Razr models?

    "Back in the day" Motorola used to sell cables and software to do data transfer from their phones. Since you are asking about SIM cards, perhaps you are on At&t or Tmo? Carriers are pretty good about getting data from one feature phone to another using a cable but they are rather bad at getting that data anywhere else.

    If you're referring to any of Motorola's Android-based Razr models, the answer to your question is to create a gmail account, sign in on your phone and all your contacts and stuff should "show up" when you log in to gmail. For a while, pictures used to go to Picasa but now I'm not sure where they go. I just checked on my Razr M and there doesn't appear to be any notes app. A quick trip to google play should solve that for you.
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