How to 3-way Sync Google Calendar, iCal, ad Palm OS

Discussion in 'Sync (Mac and Linux/Palm OS)' started by patrickdylan, Sep 19, 2009.

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    For anyone who's tried to sync google calendar to palm OS on a Mac knows that this is a pain in the butt. I've found two methods that work.... For those interested, here are some key points:


    1. If you use google's ICS feed to subscribe to your GCals in iCal, you can not sync any updates back to google. You CAN have read-only access on iCal and sync that to the Palm, also read-only.

    2. If you use Google's CalDAV method, you can sync 2-way from gCal to iCal, but can not sync them to the palm. (I'm using Missing Sync, but the same should apply for Palm Desktop) This is an Apple policy for the "sync services" built into the OS.


    1. Goosync: I used the paid version for a while to have wifi-based full 2-way sync to Google calendar, no computer necessary. Works fine, autosync settings a bit buggy, but overall ok.

    2. Calgoo Connect: I recently switched to Calgoo, which will do full multi-calendar syncing from iCal to gCal, like spanning sync does, but completely for free. I think it's free because the local client does the comparison, not a third-party server (like goosync) so there's not server cost to Calgoo. I then use Missing Sync to hotsync mac to Palm. Changes made on any of the three are correctly propogated to the other 2, and Calgoo sync's on a schedule to make sure I have current data when I hotsync. I have not tried this with Palm Desktop, but I think it should work.

    Calgoo saved me from renewing my Goosync subscription, and simplified things by allowing me to grab my calendar data during my overnight scheduled hotsync (via freeware palm app Syncer) when I'm already syncing anyways to get my updated plucker feeds. Now I don't have to do a manual goosync update later on.

    Downside: I have to hotsync with my home Mac to get calendar updates, while goosync allows for OTA updates anywhere (with a TX, anywhere with WiFi) which is good for traveling. For me, that's not really a big deal. Others might care more.

    Final note: even if you use Goosync for direct syncing but still want to sync your iCal too, using Calgoo to sync your iCal might work better than Google's CalDAV method since Calgoo writes the data into true local calendars rather than a psuedo-subscription.

    Hope that helps somebody!
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