Hook becomes a (self) published author.

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    A little bit of an update here, not that anyone in their right minds would buy the paperback, but the paperback turned out to be much more of a convoluted process than I thought. The only real difference between an ebook and an all text paperback is that your cover has to be wrap around, and you have formatting and pagination.

    In the case of an ebook, your book file is uploaded and converted to text (assuming fiction and not a picture book). You don't have pagination, you don't pick fonts-- the formatting is all done by the reader. You even get a table of contents (go to links) generated by the headings you select. Really, upload the file and bang, you are done. An all text paperback should require only a couple of additional steps and at first the interactive UI fools you into thinking that's all there is. Your file should still be just a bucket of wards , as with the ebook. You should simply select you margins, select your font and select your header / page numbering styles and even generate a table of contents from headers as with the ebooks. Press a button and your book is ready for viewing. That *should* work.

    The problem is, first, Amazon doesn't separate producing a simple text only physical book from more complicated books with illustrations or grahic novels, which means what they are looking for your file to be is what used to be referred to as camera ready boards. They basically want a finished PDF of your book that can just be offset onto paper with everything placed properly for gutters and borders. Although I should have been suspicious when they said they recommended pdf, they did not make it clear that they wanted your manuscript file to be that photo ready. So I ended up with a book with double spacing and no page numbers. :vbrolleyes: Turns out they only care if stuff fits in the margins, they give no feedback on any other aspect of formatting.

    So I've gone back and fixed it (luckily no one is buying the paperback :vbgrin:). I first fixed the spacing and got it up quickly so no one would buy a double spaced book (the look inside will probably take a few days to correct). Since I reduced the number of pages, the book is cheaper-- $7.95 now, lol. I've since added the page numbers and table of contents which should be available as of tomorrow. It has certainly been an adventure.

    I suppose I should learn to create a pdf, but it shouldn't be this hard for a simple book of text. But it should be a lot easier next round. I have certainly learned a lot. I mostly did it for the experiment.
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    Interesting recount of the process, thanks.
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    My Kindle app and I say Thank You for the :vbcool: Halloween treat! :thumbsup:

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