Hardly surprising.

Discussion in 'Carrier Discussions' started by LandSurveyor, May 5, 2012.

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    Their problems is internal attitude. Somehow T-Mobile phones lack attitude and have a runt complex. They seem to have a habit of picking the little bro over the big one:

    AT&T gets the Galaxy Note, T-Mo gets the Blaze.

    AT&T gets the Lumia 900, T-Mo gets the Lumia 710.

    AT&T gets the HTC Titan, T-Mo gets the HTC Radar.

    AT&T gets the HTC Inspire, T-Mo get the G2.

    AT&T gets the LG Thrill, T-Mo gets the G2X.

    AT&T gets the Atrix, T-Mo gets the Cliq.

    The latest case is AT&T gets the One X, T-Mobile gets the One S.

    I mean, come on.

    The few times that T-Mobile went with a large hero phone, it actually did well for them, like the HTC HD2, the HTC Sensation, the Samsung Hercules (their S2), and the HTC Amaze.

    T-Mobile failed to make a good case for the Android users either, since they failed to support the Nexus directly and choosing to come up with "G2" or "G2X". Verizon and Sprint literally stole the Android carpet underneath them with Droid and EVO as well as their support for Nexus.

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