Great, now my crappy dumbphone isn't even working reliably.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by NamelessPlayer, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Yesterday, I noticed my LG LX350 acting rather odd when I pulled it out to answer a call and flipped it open. It didn't automatically let the call through, and the buttons did nothing. Worse, the main screen stopped turning on, though the external one continued to work.

    I popped the battery out for a hard reset, plugged it back in, and turned it back on. Then it started working again.

    However, the same symptoms have reared their head today-and to make matters worse, my stepfather, who uses the same model of phone, has complained of similar symptoms and said that he's had to pop the battery four times today. I brought up the possibility of a firmware bug with the date (yesterday was February 1, 2010), but he said that it's something Sprint did on the backend and that all cell phones now push the latest firmware to the user with no obvious signs that it's doing so (which I very highly doubt for anything that isn't a smartphone, and even those give update prompts).

    I never liked the device to begin with, but now it can't even send/receive calls reliably, making it even more of a waste of valuable pocket space.

    There could be an advantage to this, though-being able to ditch it and possibly getting a phone that doesn't totally suck. It probably won't be the HTC Touch Pro2 I have in mind due to lack of immediate funds, but just about anything would be an upgrade-especially if it lets me send pictures/videos through Bluetooth or microSD card swapping at the very least. Whether I can talk my stepfather into giving me the go-ahead is another question. I already know how he is with these things.
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