Google Daydream View Review: Ruined by the Light

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Jamison Cush, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Virtual reality on mobile is cake. Headsets run relatively cheap, and the smartphones that power it are good enough to justify their flagship-level prices sans VR capabilities.

    At launch, the Google Daydream platform continues the trend. Think of it as Google Cardboard 2.0 for high-end Android smartphones running Nougat and beyond, with better viewers and more sophisticated VR.

    The Google Pixel XL and Pixel smartphones are the first to ship with Daydream (Lenovo is updating the Moto Z devices to Android Nougat with Daydream support as of this writing), and those pair with Google’s Daydream View, a $79 VR headset and controller combo -- the first for Daydream.

    Is this cake rich and tasty, or is it just stale and bland? We took a Google Daydream View review unit for a spin with a Google Pixel XL to find out.

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    I've pretty much refused to pay more to watch 3D movies in theaters so I can wear a second pair of glasses and be uncomfortable throughout. The only thing about daydream or other VR that intrigues me at the moment is the ability to watch 3D movies. And yet, I've heard little about the availability of 3D rentals. It seems like it'd be the easiest thing to implement (vs development of games) of the possible use cases, and you'd think studios would foam at the mouth for another revenue stream to justify the cost of production.
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    Severe light leak is kind of an unforgivable offense in a VR headset.
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    I haven't noticed any severe light leak. I got a headset for free with my Pixel. I haven't used it all that much, but I played around with it for awhile. There can be a little bit of light that comes underneath the headset, but I certainly wouldn't call it severe. Everyone has a different size and shape face, and nothing will fit everyone perfectly. My face is probably toward the small and thin end of the spectrum, and if it fits me well enough, it should fit most faces well enough. I didn't bother to read the link, so I don't know the exact problem the reviewer had, but IMO there is no real problem with the Google VR headset.
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